Ferdinand Marcas the Younger, Phillips of the Ancilla dictator of the Philippines, revealed the victory of the President of the Presidential Election, engaged to be the conductor of the “all the Philippines” for six years, announcing the announcement.

“In the world, it says: you can be on my side, on my side”, published by Vic Rodriguez in a communiqué.

The results of the preliminary results are based on the total number of voting bureaus, Marcos Junior, known as “Bongbong”, with a share of more than 56% of claims and more than two times more than the rivals, the vice-president Leesiden Rabredo.

Céste victoire écrasante du fils Marcos laisse un goût amer à des millions de Philippins qui espéraient tourner la page de six ans de pésidence de Radryga Duterte, marqués par les violences, don’t une guerre sanglante contre le trafic. C’est le retour au pouvoir de la famille Marcos, 36 ans après la revolte populaire qui l’en avait chassé.

A disinformation campaign

The electoral campaign of Ferdinand Marcas the Younger, 64 years old, is marked by a vaste and souvent abjecte campagne de disinformation, passant sous silence silence of the designs of millionaires of opposition arrests, torture or in your love, Marcos dans les caisses du pays for their personal choice. The member of the old president, Duterte, is in agreement with his failure.

Depuis des années, des comptes pro-Marcos Junior ont envahi les reseaux sociaux, faisant passer auprès des jeunes Philippins les vingt ans de régime de son père (1965-1986) comme une ère ère ère dorée de paix.

“Bongbong” is the prime ministerial candidate, a reporter for the absolute parliamentary majority in 1986, against the family in exile from the United States. She has received income in the country for a long time and has recently become a political leader.