“I want you to be the one who has no name when the other choisissent at my place”

“Jirai voter en rentrant chez moi,” announced Jacqueline en sortant on the elector card and on the identity card of his son’s pocket, as if to try his best. Son ami, yagé de 48 ans, a déjà rempli son devoir citoyen. «8 hours. This is the first vote of my community “, said the elector of Saint-Léger sur-Roanne. Leyann, 2 years old, and his parents are in the voting office of Saint-Haon-le-Vieux before going on a tour for 9 km.

A pope and his two girls from the 16th and 11th of September are in the process of retrieving a speedboat bulletin in the urn in the village.

“I want you to be the one who has no name for the other choisissent to my place”, argues a resident of Thizy-les-Bourgs, 54 years old, who is an orphan after being covered 22 km away. “I don’t want to change,” he said, “I don’t know what I can do when I want to quote” plus talk to the magazine. ” A premiere for the month of 2012.

The benevolent ones, on the 7-hour bridge, are full of iront voter «dans l’après-midi», à Saint-Martin-de-Boissy or Châtel-Montagne. “Moi je ne suis pas sur sur avoir le temps… ni l’envie”, admet un des organizers, jagé de 42 ans, qui s’agace que les voices blancs ne soient pas comptabilisés.

An important policy “important path”

In the majority of persons, the meetings are in line with the fact that it is necessary to go to the isolation, the marches are not always discussed policy on chemins. «On en buffe tellement à la télé que ce n’est pas la peine d’en rajouter», déclare une électrice de Saint-Germain-Laval, perturbée par une uneffre «trop importante». “I want to talk about everything!” ”, Souffle and steam de Riorge. “A market is bucolic, it is not political! », Interview in the habitat of Saint-Romain-la-Motte come to the family. S’il a arrêté son choix il ya plusieurs mois, ses proches tâtonnent encore: l’une s’est décidée hier «en lisant les professions de foi», l’autre fera un choix «par défaut ne» puisque sene basis.

Les Marcheurs de Pouilly-les-Nonains sent donc «vidés la tête pendant la rando[cedimancheilsétaientnéanmoinsasseznombreuxàavoirdiskusépolitiquesamedisoirleplussouvententreamis”Withthecopainsonthelastmonth’sconvictionsinthefirstroundinthefirstroundnotonlywillwebeabletopassonthecandidate’scandidacy”summarizesa70-year-oldStephanoiswhowantstoplayfor20hours

“If this country is also well organized, which is not the case, it is not more than just water,” concludes the humor of the elector of Saint-Romain-la-Motte.