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“The Rock”, a white diamond of 228.31 carats, plus more jamais sold for sale, and this adjudicated Jewish 18.6 million defranks (17.8 million euros), we can record a record in the category . The “diamond of the Croix-Rouge” is in love with the wedding, the sale of which is suitable for a duel of 50,000 Swiss.

The devait faire des etincelles. However, “The Rock”, a white diamond of 228.31 carats, plus more jamais sold for sale, is open to a unique record in this category, but a final price is relevant to 21 million d ‘ euro.

The “diamond of the Croix-Rouge” is in love with the view, the port without being the best part of the product of the sale of the product in the International Committee of the Croix-Rouge, at the moment the war in Ukraine is enchanting in the new the Old Continent.

Multiple engineers are currently arguing that the diamond is a canary that lasts for more than a few minutes, the sale of which is suitable for a duel of 50,000 Swiss. It sold 13.5 million euros (14.1 million francs in Switzerland), depending on the conditions.

“It is symmetrically perfect”

Authorized prize-winner Rahul Kadakia, director of Christie’s International Labor Department, is responsible for Ventilation’s “Rock,” which received 18.6 million Sui francs (17.8 million euros) in term. a few minutes after the meeting, with the applause of all the people, in a hall full of a palace of Geneva.

The diamond was estimated between 20 and 30 million dollars (between 19 and 28.4 million euros). The final price, including the first prize (commission), is worth 20.7 million euros.

Mais Rahul Kadakia explained that he did not have the car “The Rock” to establish “a new price record by carat for a diamond of color G”, the degree of graduation of the colors of the color of a white diamond all de D a Z.

The beautiful pier, but the vendor is the original of the Americas du Nord, but the rest is anonymous, avait tout pour seduire les collectneurs et les investisseurs. “It’s a diamond-shaped diamond in the shape of a poirera exceptional” and “it’s perfectly symmetrical,” said Max Fawcett, head chef of the jewelry department at Christie’s in Geneva, before the event. Selon l’expert, il n’existe qu’une “poignée” de diamond de cet acabit.

The last record for a diamond white similaire (163.41 carats) is worth $ 33.7 million (including the prime minister’s price) – $ 206,236 per carat – last November 2017 in Geneva . Selon Christie’s, is a record of all the houses for sale in other confederate houses.

“Rock” has a size of 3.1 cm with a length of 5.4 cm, this is plus a high score for golf and golf, as well as 61.3 grams, plus a tennis ball. Extracted from one of the South African mines since the debut of the 2000s, the next sale was by Christie’s in the frame of a sale for sale and a private collection.

A sept cipher for Croix-Rouge

“Diamond of the Red Cross”, a diamond with a young canary in the form of 205.07 carats, made for The original song was extracted in 1901 in a South African mine by the Beers Society and auraite weighing about 375 carats, Christie’s. One of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, a striking feature of the pier is a pavilion, which is a natural facet in the shape of a Maltese cross.

On April 10, 1918, Pierre was invited to sell for the first time at Christie’s in London by the Diamond Syndicate, in the profits of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of Saint-Jean (known as the Order of the Order de Saint-Jean) de Malta). À l’époque, le diamant avait été adjugé 10 000 livres (environment 600 000 livres d’aujourd’hui, soit plus 700 000 euros). He came across this celebrity at the London SJ Phillips Celebration Celebrity. November 21, 1973, il fut à nouveau mis en vente chez Christie’s à Genève, pour 1.8 million defrans.

“We are very busy to have a place in a private collection and make it possible for the Red Cross Diamond consignors to make a number of notes in the International Committee of the Croix-Rouge,” said Rahul Kadakia.

The vendor of the conservatory will preserve the anonymous title of the public declaration: “Depuis près d’un demi-siecle, notre famille a eu le privilège de conserver le Red Cross Diamond. (…) , we are honored by the appeal that other people will launch before us. “

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