After the presidency, the legislators. To assemble his power, and to make his reforms, Emmanuel Macron was able to apply to a majority of members of the Assembly. The oppositions, in reverse, make use of the chemical as a resonance belt for donating the sound of ideas.

Les 12 and 19 juin prochains, les Français sont appelés aux urnes pour élire les 577 deputes qui les reperésenteront. Leur domaine: la loi. Lessons missions: amender and voter the texts, control the action of the government, and evaluate the public policies.

Majority: objective reform

The parliamentarians of Jesus of the majority – they are comfortable with the result of the presidency – have a high agenda. In the menu of the announced reforms – which is based on the moulinette of the Commissions and the chemical -: the power of attorney (via a project of the rectifying finances), the environmental planning and the issue of retraining.

The deputies have an equal power of control, in …