In the run-up to the National Qualifications (NEET) entrance examination, more than 10,000 MBBS entrants wrote to the National Testing Agency (NTA) demanding a postponement of the medical entrance examination for the undergraduate program. MBBS candidates make these demands because they argue that the NEET’s scheduled date is too close to other competitive exams. A crucial medical examination is scheduled for July 17 this year. Meanwhile, many students have also turned to Twitter with the same requirements.

In the letter, entrants stressed that the date of this year’s NEET has been announced, consultations for last year’s exam have not yet been completed. “Many candidates and droppers at NEET since 2021 have been waiting until the sweep of the NEET 2021 consultations in hopes of getting a medical place, but have not received it. The cleanup round ended in the first week of April … in many states public consultations are not over yet.

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“This year, many students were unable to calculate their place percentage due to a changed booking policy in the NEET 2021 consultation, and suddenly three days later the NTA announced on April 6 that NEET 2022 will be held on July 17, 2022,” the letter said. to read.

Stating that many droppers and freshmen will not get enough time to prepare for the NEET and will probably not be able to sit on the NEET, the contenders are demanding officials postpone the dates.

“Also, CUET is scheduled for July 1 and 2, and the second JEE network attempt is scheduled for July 21, 2022. The period between NEET on July 17 will be a heavy burden for students, ”the letter reads.

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“MBBS research is a dream of thousands of students, and the emotions of their parents and teachers are connected with it. But because of this announcement of premature dates they are starting to give up on their dreams. Please give them enough time to prepare well for the exam, ”the letter reads.

Against this background, many students also turned to Twitter to raise these demands.

Although the NTA has not yet postponed the exam, it has twice more postponed the application deadline for the entrance medical exam. This year at NEET there will be no upper age limit, and at bachelor’s nursing courses, a NEET score will apply.

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