Chronology of Balkan affairs

September 2019: Patrick Balkans is a condominium to be closed by a prison for fiscal fiscal with incarceration incarceration incarceration. Isabelle Balkany is, however, in a three-year prison term, without a deputy mandate. The right to appeal.

October 2019: Патрык Балканы is condominium at the end of the prison for whitewashing aggravated fiscal fraud, also with immediate incarceration, but relaxing from corruption and illegal prizes. Isabelle Balkany is, she is, condominium to be in prison. Le couple fait aussi appel.

February 2020: The Court of Appeal of Paris authorizes Patrick Balkany’s Liberation Mass and the reason for his statehood.

March 2020: Patrick Balkani is condomnée in appel à quatre ans de prison dont un an avec sursis pour fraude fiscale et sa femme à trois ans ferme. Le couple ne se pourvoit pas en cassation.

May 2020: Patrick and Isabelle Balkany are condominiums on appeal in accordance with the quack and four years of prison closure for financial fraud, without incarcerated incarceration. Патрык Балканы is currently out of stock for an illegal prize. Cette fois-ci, le paru se pourvoit en cassation.

June 2021: The Court of Cassation confirms the definiteness of the Balkans’ credibility in the “fiscal fraud”. But she said that the court of appeal did not apply the law in pronouncing the confiscation of Cossy’s moulin and ordered a new trial with a single amount of money.

February 2022: The court of appeal called the placement of the electronic bracelet of the couple. Patrick Balkans is in jail.