The project of rectifying finances is destined to be placed in a place with a package of measures of support in the power of attorney presented in the Council of Ministers on the issue of legislative elections of 12 and 19 June portals of the Leredincé merc du government. L’objectif: the recipient of the text “très rapidement”, the soul of Gabriel Attalus.

The doors of the Council of Ministers will be submitted to the press conference on a possible presentation before the scrutiny. A decision that aurait permissive to occupy the majority of social land during the campaign with this text.

The rate is extended

The package of measures contains a prolongation of tariff for gas and electricity prices jusqu’à la fin 2022 ainsi qu’un «dispositif pérenne et mieux ciblé» que the remission of 18 centimes on the carburetor priceat the detail.

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At the exit, la ‘Prime Minister Macron », Version with tips and title of results, sera« triple », charges for the independent applicants -« soit 550 euros gains per year in the SMIC level for an independent »- et the point of indication of the Public Function “Dejele”.

Forest station soc as soon as it was revised on the 1st of July, “without visiting the main calendar”, of which the retreats, have an account of inflation, help Gabriel Attal. Le chef de l’Etat veut Augmenter the least vieillesse at 1,100 euros net.

These food chains “this time”

Forest food checks Promise by Emmanuel Macron to help you with the most fashionable things to do in local food products, durable, organic food, as well as “this three” chains, and to indicate the porte-parole.

The question of the power of attorney, given to the President’s heart, rested on a major theme lasting the legitimacy, notarized by the New Union Union of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the National Assembly of Marine Le Pen. The house of the energy price, induced not only by the war in Ukraine, “makes a plan of new dangers on the French portfolio”, and on the doorstep of the government.

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