Plus candidates for the presidency on the promissory note to judge or approve the ordinances of work, which are modified in 2017, the rules of the social dialogue, lors d’une audition au siege de la CFDT in Paris.

The CFDT is open to the public by the force of January, the effects of these ordinances on the number and work of the trade union representatives in the enterprises (CHSCT), business committee – in one place, the CSE.

LR veut donner «une place centrale» aux syndicales organizations

The representative of the candidate for human rights activist Valery Pecres, Damien Abad promises that you have a central place and renewal, as well as trade unions and plus généralement aux corps intermédiaires, in which there is interaction. ».

“Certainly, if he had this plus the effect, he would not have been able to move the young guns that he wanted us to know,” he said, supposing a “presidency” in his name. the candidate “a new pact”.

The deputy of the Republic of France said that “there is a number of questions on the issue of ordinances”, and that Valérie Pécresse said that she was “respectful of some adjustments to this question, to reduce the number of corps forces.” social dialogue in France ».

LFI and PCF for the abolition of El Homri tallow in 2016

The representative of Jean-Luc Melenchon (LFI), Eric Cockerel, promises the abolition of 2016. El Homry and celle des ordonnances travail, qui ont “affaibli la représentation syndicale”.

The particular dénoncé the suppression of the CHSCT, a measure that “in the face of all nonsense” in the spirit of Covid-19, and regretté “the inversion of the hierarchy of norms” introduced in la loi El K. ” We are ready to reveal a hierarchy of norms that are part of the loi, and to include industry and business accords, but in a condition that is so … (plus the benefits of the salariés ». The communist Fabien Roussel is, like Eric Coquerel, known for the abrogation of El Khomri and the Macron ordinances.

La France insoumise is auspicious for the “amnesty” of trade union representatives who are the object of judicial actions and disciplinary measures in companies. He or she will also establish a “veto law suspended on the issue of licenses”, and that the representatives of the solariums will have a number of seats in the courts leading the three major companies.

Hidalgo see the return of CHSCT

Ann Hidalgo (PS) promises to be able to get back to the CHSCT. Rappelant que le syndicalisme a été son «prem’er-zaruchiny», à la CFDT, lorsqu’elle était insperice du travail, elle a souhaité que les councils d’administration de entreprises de plus de mille salariés soient composés de salariés à 50é.

Jadot favorable to a “codétermination à l’allemande”

Колькасць эколаг Яннік Жадо, it is a “codétermination à l’allemande” with “au-delà de 2 000 salariés, 50% de salariés dans les conseils d’administration”.

Camp Macron is a great place to work

Representative of the candidate Emanuel Macron, President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand, who takes part in “Les succès et le chemin Parcouru”, he addresses the decision-makers involved in decision-making, which implements the priority meeting and fees. “Majority consent”.