A factory of berets with an aeronautical avant-garde before a meeting in Bayonne: the candidate for President Jean Lassalle, who will be doing the “great (national) causes of the nation’s campaigns”, there is a history of Pyrenean Christmas for a tour of the country by bus.

“Authentic France.” The slogan is inscribed in large letters on the grand bush of the Imperial Blues, which is located in Lourdios-Ichère, the village is not the largest pendant 40 years (1977-2017), for a periple au00 less than 03 km, Corse include more without count of two voyages to the other sea.

«Reconstruct a state not on soit fier»

“Paris, you don’t have to say anything more, they decided that he was a petty candidate”, the 66-year-old deputy, rugby’s second rugby line and stent voyage, which is a “tour of France” in son actif, effectué à pied en 2013. «Le message que je porte ne leur convient pas, ils sont dans leur consanguinité».

With the Resistance Movement !, the President’s Fund of 2017 (1.2%) after opening a campaign with François Bayrou, Jean Lassalle ambitiously also “from reconstructing a state that is not so far”: “Parce qrdu’hu’au si tu ‘ hu’au trouves quelqu’un qui te dit ‘l’Etat c’est moi’, eh bien tu me le présentes! »

Selfie and training

D’Oloron-Sante-Marie à Mauléon-Licharre, on the sine route routes of Béarn et de la Soule, Jean Lassalle plays home. On the floor of your bus, the lounge of the pastors and the curious shoes with the big horn coups. Every day, a selfie is not refusing, the tapes in the two generously distributed and unregulated tutorials.

At Oloron, at Laulhère, the last historical factory of the Berets, Jean Lassalle saw the “100% factory in France”, the “right”, the labe de labe de brebis au produit fini. A model, this one, to “respond to exploit natural resources in addition to land”.

“They made all the berets of the French army!” », This is very strong, in the repertoire of the words of the General Director, Rosabelle Forzy. Quand elle peine à s’exprimer avec son masque, il lui signifie gentiment de l’enlever: «Depuis qu’il ya la guerre en Ukraine, le Covid a foutu le camp».

Peut-be qu’il faudrait en offrir un à Poutine!

Well, no, it is impossible for the candidate not to revise the cover-chef. “Peut-étre qu’il faudrait en offrir un à Poutine! Je lui expliquerai comment le porter », glisse-t-il. “Je saurai comment lui parler sans l’agacer, contrairement à notre president.”

A la sortie, il tonne: «Napramak Mauléon! ». Mais à L’Hôpital-Saint-Blaise, 73 inhabitants, is also a suitable bus stop. To support his son Dominique Uthurralt, he has been able to spend decades in a village with 30,000 visitors at the end of his life in the UNESCO and revitalization novel.

Create local location

“I will dismantle the sixteenth century arrondissements (of Paris) that do not pay for the impulses of the founding funds that are for the French campaigns”, explains the deputy who voted in these areas of great interest of the notre pays pour l’avenir », parce qu’il ya« l’espace et les savoir-faire ». Il veut y «mettre 3 milliards d’euros par an», pris sur-la participation française au budget de l’UE.

A Mauléon-Licharre, in front of a crochet box with inaugurated sympathizers for the singles, the candidate has a crochet par with an aeronautical trail, the Lopitz group, or the soup of a piece of A320.

The patrons, Pierre and Matthieu Pourrillou, explicitly said that they had paid 74,000 euros per month in gas and electricity and this year, against 35,000 euros. Jean Lassalle, lu, loue leur capacité à creer de l’emploi localement, qui permet d’être «fier de réussir chez soi au lieu d’être malheureux à Paris».