Premier tour of the Haute-Loire

• April 10, lors du premier tour, the department a place Marin Le Pen in front of his eyes, Portée par 27.66% of suffrage. She is at a distance from candidate Emmanuel Macron, who is 23.23% of the vote.

• Candidate RN received 31.96% of the points in Oure-sur-Loire, 31.37% in Saint-Didier-en-Velay, 32.68% in Vore-sur-Arzon, 31.6% in Dunières, 31.66 % with Sainte-Sigolène, 34.8% with Riotord and même 38.07% with Beauzac and 39.2% with Raucoules.

• This scrutiny is also marked by a strong participation in the department. She’s going to 77,28%soit 4 points de plus qu’au niveau national.