The anti-capitalist candidate Philippe Poutou affirmed that the Jews of Toulouse, who was able to “reconstruct the most large possible” after the second round of the presidency.

“After the elections, we will not be able to visit again,” – says Philip Putu, who claims to have the last big meeting of the campaign. “The façade reconstructs the most large possible ones with all the political forces of the gauche,” he said, declaring the perspective of a second-round tour opponent Emmanuel Macron to Marine Le Pen, without representing the gauche.

“The NPA vote on a utility”

Energetic and rich, the former Ford employee in Gironde defended the need for a “political policy to defend the camp of applications”. “He did not say that the vote is useful, it is the NPA, but against it, the vote NPA is a utility” Melenchon at the rally from the first round of selection.

“I don’t care, it’s a nightmare, it’s a nightmare”

There are more than 1,000 people in the hall, the candidate for the extreme goal of making a “synth” of the campaign, playing the great principles of his program of ruining the base on an anti-capitalist farouche.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a work, it’s a work in progress” 60 years

In a vis-à-vis conference, plus representatives of the ex-salariés of the SAM, which occupied this fund aveyronnaise depuis with the liquidation court, soit 136 jours, sont expressions devant les sympathishants du NPA. The meeting was also preceded by a homage to Alain Kryvin, a communist communist activist in the League, on March 12.

Philippe Poutou is an element of irony on “a great campaign, with a lot of debate and confrontation and a president who raises accounts with his quinquennium”, provoking the risers in the Toulouse hall.
“On the occasion of the round, there is a strong strength that is out of order”, according to the candidate with a credit of 1 or 1.5% of the intentions to vote in the first round.