It is in a public opinion that the proposal is made. Insoumis propossent officiellement aux communistes et aux ekologistes une alliance for les legislatives de juin. The only coalition of memes.

France insists on the competition for a joint label, including the popular Union, in order to build a “political majority in the National Assembly”, written by Adrien Quatennens, co-coordinator of La France Panot, President LFI group à l’Assemblée Nationale.

The Socialist Party is not the recipient of this letter.

Conductor: Melenchon’s program

Forts of 22% of the votes held by the candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon for the presidency, which is the basis of this majority “dot be a program of communal participation. The table is set to include the most popular votes for the presidential election: “L’avenir en commun”, a conservative song that is ready for the program. But in the legal action, it serves as a reference for the votes on the form ».

“This new stage is often a coalition of parties and movement, but also personalities and associative and trade union figures,” said the signatories, who are also competent Aurélie Trouvé, President of the Parliament of the Parliament of Manuel L’Andé. in the European Parliament.

The relationship degraded pendant campaign

Les elus LFI proposent désormais aux ekologistes et aux communistes de les rencontrer pour diskuter notamment «de la constitution d’un nouveau Parlement, à l’image du Parlement de l’Union populaire», et de l’community pour des candidacy da election to the legislature. ” For these, “the basis of reportage is based on the electives in the first round of the presidential election, in the application of the principle of proportional communal to our respectable programs.”

However, the Insoumis soulignent que «nos relationships ont eé été lourdement degradées pendant cette campagne», après les «accusers souvent blessantes et (les) appréciations selon lesquelles existeraient entre nous des trudnosti insurmontables». “This is an arrangement of the last minute for simple success of the election of various organizations”, arguing, arguing that environmentalists and communists are committed to “attacking the attacks” and adhering to the electorate. “