Lorsque l’on met des biens immobiliers en location, il faut prendre en compte deux paramètres pour bien déclarer les loyers perçus à l’administration fiscale: le type de location, – vide ou meublée -, et le montant des loyers perçus. Proprietor bailleur, voici comment well declare the revenge tirés d’une location vide.

Location: des revenus fonciers à déclarer

Les revenus tirés d’une location vide doivent be déclarés dans la catégorie des revenus fonciers. There are different modes of fiscation.

If you want to take a € 15,000 deposit, you will be able to enter the simplified micro-function mode and the real mode. “The principle of differentiation is that the micro-fountain housing is a fixed point of interest that is real, it is definitely defined by the montage of deductible charges annually,” said Flatlooker and the agency.

The fact that the “revenge of funds” lorsque vous choisissez les catégory de revenus perçus au debut de votre declaration d’impôt.

Declare micro-function mode

Ainsi, votre revenu brut foncier (les loyers encaissés, hors charges) ne doit pas excéder 15 000 € pour pouvoir declarer u micro-foncier.

You will benefit from a 30% surcharge for a long time. “Attention, this is a brutal death before the decision to declare the Declaration of Case 4BE of the Declaration 2042, and not to be dismissed. The annexed document is not to be copied, ”said the Flatlooker agency.

Declare the real regime

The fiscal regime in the real estate is obligatory and your gross return is superior to € 15,000. You need to add the 2044 annex.

If your charges are deductible (administration and management fees, insurance premiums, positions for co-ownership, tax fees …) there are infringements against your gross gross income, but you are in a non-profit position. If they are superior, they will not be short of money.

• Result in the network? It is to be added to other countries, to be able to impose on the elderly, in case 4BA of the 2042 declaration.

• Is the result a deficit? “Kelui-ci is unputable sur votre revenu brut global dans la limite de 10 700 € hors dispositions specifici. The deficit is in a report in case 4BC of the 2042 declaration, ”said Flatlooker.

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