From 20 to 2022, under the premiere of Emmanuel Macron, the last credits on loan for attending the records of 2021 credentials. , Courtier im prêt immobilier, realizée dans 18 villes françaises, la surface qu’un ménage peut acheter * a globalement diminué en cinq ans.

In five years, Angers lost 36 m. Photo by Anthony Delanoix on Unsplash

Angers, one per plus plus 35 m²

The City of Angers is a vehicle for its success, “the prize of 2020 and 2021, suite for the Pavid pandemic”, according to MeilleurTaux. In 2017, the living space of 96 m2 for 2,130 euros per m2 is suitable for living. Two plus tard, she lost 6 m2.

More between 2019 and 2022, the surface of the habitable moyenne s’écroule, Angers affichant in 2022 60 m fundable in moyenne with a m² à 3 516 €. In five years, she is 36 months old, she is equivalent to a small 2 pieces.

Rennes, Saint-Etienne, Lyon per des pertes de plus de 10 m²

Rennes perd 16 m² en cinq ans. Build 69 m for 2,972 euros per m in 2017 and do not offer plus 53 m for 4,024 euros per square meter.

The villas of Saint-Étienne, Reims and Nantes are as large as the 13-year-olds. Saint-Étienne, Toutefois, canned more than the property of 18 real estate students with 139 people in 2022.

According to Lyon, it is 11 m, and has a real estate price of 49 m, against 38 m in 2022.

Dijon, Strasbourg is very popular

The villas of Dijon and Strasbourg have all the apartments of 9 m2 per square meter. The premiere is past one year of real estate purchase of 87 m in 2017 to 78 m in 2022, without a choice of 83 m in 2019.

In the second, it is possible to wait 63 months in 2017, 60 years in 2019 and last year 54 months.

Paris and Toulon, the most popular between 2017 and 2022

In 2017, you can get 23 m in Paris for € 8,930 per m. In 2019, la capitale perd 3 m² and offered one surface suitable for housing 20 m² for 10 196 € le m². У 2022 г., elle n’offre plus que 19 m² na montant de 11 378 € le m². In five years, the city does not lose 4 months.

It has been built for Toulon, it has a real estate capacity of 84 m2 and 87 m2.

Le Mans et Nîmes, des m² en plus en cinq ans!

Le Mans has arrived at the top of the Meilleurtaux ranking: between 2017 and 2022, the surface of the achat dans this city has an increase of 6 m, passing from 103 to 109 m. May 2019, the property will be approved at 127 months ago. “Le Mans is inspired by a number of metropolitans who want to be on the brink of this city, located in the heart of Paris in the TGV, a suite of different entertainment consumers with a pool of financial resources in 2022, financials from 2022 directorate of communication of Meilleurtaux. Néanmoins, malgré cette baisse du nombre de m2 directement liée à une récente hausse des prix, en comparaison de 2017, la ville offfre aujourd’hui aux acteteurs une meilleure situation qu’il ya cinq ans. »

To see what surface is suitable for living in accroître en cinq ans, but the house is really: Nîmes où le pouvoir d’achat immobilier est passé de 97 m² en 2017 à 98 m² en 2022, soit. + 1 m²

* Accrue a loan compensation of € 1,000 over 20 years for 1.65% in 2017, 1.50% in 2019 and 1.25% in 2022. Les prix au m2 sont dans l’anci

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