The recent decision by the Karnataka state government to remove from the 10th grade textbook a lesson on Bhagat Singh has drawn criticism from various sections. The latest excavations were made by Delhi’s chief minister Arvin Keirival, who called the Karnataka government’s decision “shameful.” Arvin Keirival on Tuesday, impressed the Karnataka-led BJP government, said it was an insult to the victims of the famous freedom fighter, and demanded that the Karnataka government resume a lesson in a school textbook.

Retweeting a News18 article, Delhi CM said the country would not tolerate such insults to its martyrs, and asked the BJP why “its people” hate Bhagata Singh so much.

“Why do BJP people hate Omar Shahid Sardar Bhagat Singh Ji so much? Removing the name of Sardar Bhagat Singh Ji from school textbooks is an insult to the victim of Omar Shahid, ”Keirival tweeted in Hindi.

“The country will not suffer such humiliation of its martyrs at all. The BJP government will have to overturn this decision, ”he added.

The Minister defends this step

The CM response came a day after the Karnataka government decided to include a speech by Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangha (RSS) founder Keshava Baliram Hedjvar in a revised Canadian textbook for X-grade students, and a lesson on Bhagat Singh was removed. In addition, Karnataka’s Minister of Primary and Secondary Education B.K. Nagesh defended the inclusion of the RSS founder’s speech.

Nagesh said there was nothing in the textbook about Hedgewar or the RSS, but only his speech about what should be an inspiration to people, especially young people, and that those who objected did not go through the textbook. “Some people want to object to everything, and they feel that what they have said is only true, and only their thinking needs to be communicated to society … In this speech, Hedgewar said that ideology, values ​​and principles need to be embraced. as her or her inspiration. He spoke about the importance of society and the nation. What’s wrong with that? ” Said the minister.

Against moving

The move has been opposed by several organizations, including the All India Democratic Student Organization (AIDSO) and the All India Educational Rescue Committee (AISEC).

The organizations claim that the lesson of freedom fighter Bhagata Singh was not taught. Also omitted are the works of Renaissance literary figures such as AN Murti Rao’s Vyaghrageethe, P. Lankeş’s Matu Sundari’s Mrugga, and Sarah Abubaker’s Judas. The BJP government in the state is trying to impose the ideology of the RSS and the party into textbooks, according to an AISEC statement.

“The founders of our renaissance movement and many great freedom fighters hoped for a democratic, scientific and secular education. But all the political parties that have ruled so far have developed their own programs in textbooks, ”The Hindu quoted student unions as saying.

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