During the presentation of the financial results of 2021, Renault has made an important announcement: it has launched a reflection on the separation of its electrical and thermal activities in two entities. In a press release, Losange is on sale plus on this project.

The “Electric and Software Vehicles” department is located in France, the brand that has decided to produce and prioritize electrics in Hexagone (the new Megane and the R5 sorting of Douai chains).

This entity englobe the elements of all the values ​​of the electric car industry: engineering (a part of the Technocentre, Renault Software Lab, the Lardy Center and other sites in France), industry les usines du pôle ElectriCity dans le nord du pays et Cléon), ainsi que les fonctions support lièes à ces activités. Cette partie pourrait rassembler plus 10,000 employees in 2023.

The other entities assemble the activities of engines and knives for the heat and the hybrids. Celle-ci sera basée hors de France, avec aussi 10 000 salariés environ. Cela comprend notamment les usines “Powertrain” de Motores (Spain), Séville (Spain), Cacia (Portugal), Bursa (Turkey), Pitesti (Romania), Curitiba (Brésil), CorMecanica (Chile), PFA (Argentina), ainsi which are sites for exploration and development in Spain, Romania, Turkey and Brazil.

This organization is responsible for “restoring efficiency and operational performance” of two businesses that are not all about their long-term business. In February, Luca de Meo explained to Figaro: “The electric motorization and the thermal motorization are two different sports. In the premier, the most technologically advanced fairs, and the market is very strong. In the second, the second is not the biggest investment, but activity is the generation of margins ».

The two pillars are also a “business model” more adapted to specifics. They will also buy some of the valorisers, as well as the value in the Renault Stock Exchange (less than 6.5 billion euros in capitalization). The electric Renault is also being introduced at the Bourse in 2023. This separation is a great way to attract new partners, a handful of shoes.

The study of this Organization of one part of the activities (which is not all of the group, we can talk about 20,000 employees who have a total of more than 150,000 in the world) and to fill in, with not only the unions. The project is detailed in the rent.

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