C’est officiel: through a press release, the Renault Group has announced the signing of agreements for the Renault Russie subsidiary and participation in AvtoVAZ. In detail, the Losange administration approves 100% of Renault Group and Renault Russie spare parts in Moscow and 67.69% of participation in Avtovaz à NAMI (Institut Central de Recherche et de developpement des automobiles et des moteurs). On the other hand, Renault’s assets in Russia are the property of the Russian state.

Renault is now separated from Lada, a difficult decision by the French builder to massively invest in the last years to modernize and relate to the Russian company. In the frame of the reorganization of the debut group in 2021, Lada will form a duo with Dacia, which will be in common with the common projects. The new Niva, before 2025, is a very important derivative of the future Duster.

This is a very good affair. Le cantant de la cession n’est pas connu, mais une somme symbolique a éte évoquée recèment. L’accord prévoit toutefois “une variant de rachat par Renault Group de sa participation in Avtovaz, exerçable à certaines perédes au cours des six prochaines années”.

But for the instant, Renault quitte completely the Russian market, a coup dur car c’etait son deuxième marché après la France. Under the change of economic sanctions in the raison d’être of Ukraine, Losange did not accept the war.

In a communiqué, Luca de Meo, CEO of de Reno, declares: “Aujourd’hui, we have a more difficult decision; and we are a responsible person with a capacity of 45,000 saloons in Russia, all of which preserves the performance of the Group and our aptitudes in the revenge paypal different contexts ».

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