“C’est le juge de peine de notre action”, advancé le maire de Saint-Chamond, Hervé Reynaud, alors que le conseil municipal votait le compte administratif 2021. Après les debats, le verdict est tombé. It is without appeal and without surprise: the majority is for 3 groups of opposition members.

The “Bonne Surprise” of grants from the State

“L’année 2021 is also marked by the crisis of Covid, but the repercussions on these issues as of 2020” balance sheet.

Advantage of the municipal council, the new one is the only one of the activity activity, which has to do with recipes and expenses. The investment records recorded by Saint-Chamond in 2021, estimated at 15 million euros, are also among the most important “real and exceptional exceptions: over 90%”. Enfin, the point is a “good surprise”: …