Last October, the three representatives of the Christian Moreau company designed to deploy and modernize the image of this PME Pilate specialist in the 1984 gymnastics department.

The advertisement also offers a new name, Moreau Sport Couture, and a new logo, a composition of the “M” shape forming a sign. A coup d’état that also has the opportunity to tour the page after a year of movement.

En grand hard, the company has this place in the judicial redress in December 2020, just to reprise the last one by Amélie Rivoire, Benoît Deves and Philippe Frescalineurs, three text specialists of entrepreneurs. “We definitely want to be able to open a new tour of the avenue, the courage and the performance”, said the trio.

Equestrian equipment of France jusqu’aux JO 2024

And visibly, the route is for instant removal. The PME will also have a reduction in the contract of the French Federation of French Gymnastics Federation of Paris 2024: Moreau Sport Couture will be able to measure the skills of the French teams and feminine disciplines of the camp.

The company is also contracted with a gym design, such as Melanie de Jesus Dos Santos and Lorette Charpy, and on the Lane «Moreau Academy», to accompany the athletes in the image management.

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