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Plusieris Crisis ont fragilisé l’Economie de la Tunisie, notamment celle du Covid-19. The war in Ukraine is in an aggravated position, provoking an inflation of 7% and a base of Ukrainian imports (blue, oil, gas). An agreement with the FMI, in the course of negotiations, will change the price of a salary of 4 billion dollars. However, Tunisia accepts certain reforms. Samir Saeed, Tunisia’s economy ministry, has acknowledged various dossiers under France 24.

Samir Said, the Minister of Tunisia of the Economy and the Planning, affirms that the FMC’s business for the octroi of a $ 4 billion is a good fortune and devourants about its interests. It is clear that the lack of funding serves to facilitate the mission in Tunisia of the reform reforms under the government. The Minister did not allow the FMI to exchange fines and subsidies, explaining that the objective is to accrue subsidies in addition to additional benefits and to limit the size of subsidies.

Samir Said assures that this dialogue is in the course of his questions with the unions, not only the UGTT, but he confides. The note that inflation, estimated at 7.5% per year in exchange rates, is the most important thing in Spain and all the ideas of the economy. The Minister reject the hypothesis of a state of payment and help that the child is not in renegade. The insistence on the fact that, by the way, the precedents of the governor will not be able to work hard to give Tunisia the opportunity to develop. This is the possibility of a social movement against social security policy against the West’s social security movement against the policy of pessimism Kaïs Saïed.

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