After the Galaxy S, Samsung renounced as many new smartphones in the game. And this is a small event, like the Galaxy A are the mobiles plus the sale of the Corénee each year. Vote for the Galaxy A53 5G, which has switched to … The A52 5G and the A52s, you have a version for the Snapdragon SoC plus a quick lease in 2021. L’A53 5G, the number of anime in 12 2021. and proposed at 459 euros.

Bon. Samsung has not failed to renovate the design of this terminal, which is strictly identical to the model of the last day. Lovely plastic like the Galaxy A53 5G as the smartphone is sleek, beautiful and solid. He gave you all the tips to help you quickly with a protection box, for two reasons. D’abord, after a week of intensive use and a long term in the fund of our pocket, he found a layer of degradation of the photo modules. If you are not good, you will be able to lose some money if you want to pay.

Уласная ванная, l’A53 5G is part of the family of smartphones that glissent. In the façade there is always a tendency to tend, very much more than enough, to apply the board of a table vaguement bancale quand on le pose du côté de l’écran. Et si on n’y prend pas garde (comme ça nous est arrivé plusieurs fois), il va à coup sur sur tomber par terre. You want to win.

Rien n’a changé, sur l’A53? Yes, when. Na constate plusieurs disparitions … D’abord, celle de la prize jack, qui equipait encore l’A52s. Bizarre, all of them, to propose a terminal in proportion to the proportions included in the report to the previous generation all in the privacy of this audio file and practice in certain cases. Demeure all of the hybrid housing for two SIM cards or one MicroSD card, this is not easy.

Own bathroom and other village plus gene, contraindication for l’A52s, l’A53 5G without compatible Wi-Fi 6, without the possibility of SoC Exynos. It’s very popular, this game is democratized.

An excellent screen, like the last day

On ne change pas une equipe qui gagne: la dalle de l’A53 5G est tout bonnement perfete. It is very easy to find. The agit, after our measures, will be the one who will take us to the last day. Super Amoled (2400 x 1080 pixels) with a range of 60 or 120 Hz, does not contrast infinitely, is binding and has exceptional lighting, 803 cd / m2. The characteristics of the smartphones in the range of smartphones, and it can be customized, which is not visible in the place of this four-wheel drive.

Seoul flat to the app: the fidelity of colors is not great in the fashion offered by Samsung, without any activity for more people to flatter. With a Delta E 2000 at 5.96, he is one of the best smartphones in the world … More in the “Natural” fashion mode in the parameters, on the basis of the best colors plus juices, with a Delta E 2000 measure 1.39. It’s three very good!

Performances: less good than his predecessor!

L’A53 5G debarras Snapdragon 778G from the previous processor for Exynos 1280, a new “house” with a grave of 5 nm. It has a game-friendly SoC, which has a processor with a range of 2 + 6 (2 to 2.4 GHz Cortex A78, 6 to 2 GHz Cortex A55). The number of GPUs, this is Mali G68, six video inauguration schemes for ARM l’année dernière. Ce SoC est, dans notre A53, épaulé par 6 Go de RAM – jedna verzija à 8 Go de RAM, un peu plus chère, existe également.

Will you fit the Exynos 1280? Eh bien… il est un peu à la peine. Our measurements are as follows: there is a processor plus a recent one, the brand’s face in the Galaxy A52s, which is equipped with a Snapdragon 778G, in all your domains or near. This is the house on Geekbench 5, which is intended to measure the performances of mono-cursor and multi-cursor processors. Le verdict est sans appel, si l’Exynos ne démérite pas en single-core with a score very close to your rivals, the brand clears the multi-core, not only the quality of Qualcomm’s predecessor.

Install with Antutu 8 and 9, don’t forget the scores around the world to take place in the Galaxy A52.

Comment on the interpreter ces rezultats pas vraumin reluisants pour la nouvelle puce de Samsung? In fact, they are not the only ones who can compare the architecture of Exynos 1280 to the Snapdragon 778G of the A52s. You also benefit from high school, but your architecture is more modern: it has a Kryo 670 Prime (2.4 GHz, Cortex A78) for intensive training, but also has three solid Kryo 2, 6270 Gold GHz, Cortex courses. A78) and quatre “small” Cœurs Kryo 670 Silver (1.9 GHz, Cortex A55) for the gourmet process.
If the 778G focuses on additional information as well as modern and up-to-date forces, then there is a clear advantage in this situation. Pay attention, by the way, that not only the measure of heat is not great. According to one of the most popular, the A53 is 31% plus the number of smartphones in the category of testimonials.

In addition to 3D material, it has an important gap between the Samsung model and the new one. If you are well, we will be in the GFX Bench test assembly that we will be able to do after Avons, as well as on 3DMark Wild Life. At the moment, the cruiser that the Mali G68, “on the floor” at the ARM did not pass the Adreno 642L, the fruit of the Qualcomm.

And the use?

Nous n’avons plus le Galaxy A52s entre les mains, et il est donc difficile de faire une comparaison des performances des deux smartphones a l’utilisation. Toutefois, on se rend vite compte que l’A53 n’est pas une flèche. Rie de rédhibitoire, qu’on se rassure, mais on remarque dès le déverrouillage – le capteur d’empreinte sous l’écran est un peu poussif – que l’experience à l’utilisation ne sera pas optimale.
Navigation in the One UI 4.1 interface, on the Samsung couch for the anime device, is the lumbar for the fluid. On constate par exemple un temps de lancenne primetna à l’ouverture ou à la fermeture de certaines applique, lors du basculement d’une app à une autre, ou tout simplement lorsque l’on « scroll ». Le manque de peèe de l’Exynos 1280 rend clairement l’A53 mollasson et on aurait espéré mieux d’un smartphone for 459 euros.

Il ya One UI, ensuite, qui ravira certainement les inconditionnels de Samsung, mais qui peut aussi troubler ceux qui debarquent dans son ecosystem. The manufacturer wanted to start using your services: your alternative store with Google, Bixby, you can use a vocal assistant, you can also use the cloud. Tout cela est cependant optionnel, et Samsung has made an effort to peaufiner sa sur-couche. On avait notamment critiqué celle du A52 pour ses trop nombreuses publicités, qui ont ici disparu. More beautiful.

Photo: a very good boss

The photo partition of the A53 is a very classic smartphone and a smartphone for this game, and it doesn’t pay off what you know about the A52s, which is exactly what I remember! In the main photo 64 megapixels (f / 1.8, 26 mm) using an optical stabilization system, ultra-large angle 12 megapixels (f / 2.2), and macro capture (5 megapixels (5 megapixels), f / 2.4) and one of photos (5 megapixels, f / 2.4). The selfie number has a 32-megapixel ability.

At the end, Exynos 1280 Montre is limited. L’appareil photo est un peu long à se lancer, ce qui peut poser quelques soucis pour capturer un instant sur le vif. Dividing, the clichés of the principal captor are franchement bons, de jour comme en basses lumières. On constate toutefois un leger excé de traitement de netteté et un HDR plutôt aggressive in plein jour.

The color of the colors is a great way to learn the clichés plus flatters. At the moment, it’s a very good time, and Samsung has a good copy.

In low light, the colors are well preserved, the suites are resounding sets, but the whole price is at the price of a lissage very strong details.


We are also reserved for the ultra grand angle module. The distortions on the edges of the image are very important, and the lack of cruelty to the appeals. It is important to be aware of the fact that it is not possible to use it.

module large angle

In ultra grand-angle, it contains import distortions on the image corners, and a lack of space.

The “macro” module is anecdotal. With only 5 Mpix of the computer, the clichés lack the furiousness of the pique, apparasissent and a little “peteux”, as the montre la fleur ci-dessus.

Enfin, le module selfie est bon, voire great: les égoportraits ont du piqué, un bon rendu des couleurs, et offrent aussi un effet bokeh simulé efficace.

Autonomy, it’s great!

Certes, the A53 lacks the flavor of the oven, but it is at the expense of its autonomy. We test for a polyvalent autonomy of 14h. These are some of the ones that are close to our direct competitors, with a 10% autonomy in the range of smartphones within a range that we have recently received. More use, and condition of moderation of the consumption of YouTube videos or surf sessions, the A53 is very good, it is very good. You will be able to use the durable two days without repairing the recharge case. It’s very convenient!

Smartphone is free without charge, and is compatible with a 25 W recharge. more in the mother.

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