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The Turkish Central Nuclear Prime Minister’s Day will be published in 2023. It is designed and operated by a Russian group, but it is a project of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who wants to have ambitions in the basics of this effective ranch.

The war in Ukraine is one of the most popular projects of Turkish President Рэджеп Таіп Эрдаган. She will enter the import retards of the Central Bank of Akkuyu, all of the first nuclear power plants of Turkey, will enter production in 2023. great pomp for the Turkish regime.

Le Projet Est pharaonique. At the center of Akkuyu, situated in the south of the countryside on the boards of the Mediterranean, a 10% view of the four-dimensional energy of Turkey with four reactors of 1,200 megawatts.

Avec ce projet, la Turquie ambitionne de devenir “un hub énergétique entre la mer Caspienne à l’est et l’Union européenne à l’ouest”, explains Nora Seni, professor of the Institute of Geopolitics of Paris VIII et ancienne directrice de l’Institut français d ‘Anatolian Studies in Istanbul. Mais Akkuyu said he was also in a state of disrepair, as Deniz Ünal, economist of the Center for Prospective Studies and International Information (CEPII), resources “.

Et ce, alors que le pays voit ses besoins energetiques decupler. “Turkey, which has an estimated 84 million inhabitants, will be able to live in Germany. It is an industry, very export-oriented, blockade and ambitious tours to export more than the local tendency to produce locally in Covid -19 “, pour suit Deniz Ünal.

The Russians at the command of the nuclear power plant

The idea of ​​a central nuclear power plant in Turkey is still a year old. After multiple appeals of offers and reports of interest from the Canadian societies, but also to Suez or Vinci, this Rosatom, the Russian national enterprise specializes in nuclear engineering, which will end up declaring the contract at 10:20. pour turquie de jouer la surenchère vis-à-vis de l’Occident en faisant mine de se turner vers la Russie “.

“A very good partiis critiqué par les Turcs eux-mêmes”, souligne-t-elle, car avec ce projet, la Turquie a accordé des concessions de grande envergure à la Russie et accroît sa dependence vis-à-vis de cette luissance fournit déjà for more than 50% of your energy and energy. Russian bankers, not Sberbank and Sovcombank, financed the central office. Rosatom constructs and exploits Akkuyu, and in exchange, Ankara is building a Russian company for electricity production pendant 25 years. Rosatom can also use fiscal extras to build and exclude exclusive use of a proximity port, which is a quasi-main job on a Turkish territory.

Or the Russian cronies, hit by the sanctions against Ukraine’s invasion, this coup of the international banking system and retrospective of the continuing capacity to finance the project of 20 billion. Ankara, which condoms the war in Ukraine, did not participate in the sanctions.

Rosatom a jusqu’à présent echappé aux internationales, mais l’option aurait été examinée par les États-Unis. If the Russian company is sanctioned, it will always affect the import of the necessary equipment for the construction of Akkuyu.

Turkey is incapable of finding other finances

Pour l Turquie, Sel Tombe Assistant plus TK. “Le pays n’est by the waist sGipe banqueroute. Ce n’est on du advertise le moment de funded de grande Projets », explique Deniz Ünal. “Le pays manque cruellement de financements et il aura du tza a en trouver aupres d’autres créanciers internationaux cause de la crisis economique qu’il traverse, en partie causée par ipe mauvaise % Avril’s own ”.

And when I was in Turkey, I was trying to find new investors, help the economist, the Turkish staff to give this form to Rosatom for this project to be done. Il paraît donc impossible de se passer des Russes. Result: on the four reactors initially for the central Akkuyu, only one, the same variety of land, pour the liver for the purse. One of the inaugural faces in the center without losing face. For Russia, the agitator is able to prove that he can still seize his nuclear exports against the sanctions.

A design contest based on environmental and security plans

If the time presses for the Turkish president, this part of the project, inedit, is a contest for the annals of ecological and security plans. “In the center of Akkuyu voit le jour, ce sera la premiere centrale nucléaire sur la mer Méditerrannée, une mer relativement chaude. Il est problematique de construire ce genre de centrale sur une mer chaude that nuclear technology needs to be refreshed [en général par un plan d’eau à proximité, NDLR]”Said Denise Yunal.

«Ne laissez pas Akkuyu devenir un autre Tchernobyl», April 26, 2012, April 26, 2012 © AFP

Another source of education and non-education, Turkey is the subject of land trembles. Or the site of Akkuyu is located at a distance of 25 kilometers per seismic failure. The names of environmental associations are based on the alarm clock, but not every one of them.

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