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Sandrine Rousseau, who holds the position of consultant in the specialty of Yannick Zhado, is the exclusive judge of the team of the candidate of the EELV in the rationale for proposing the strategy of reports on Le Parisien.

The European Electoral Campaign Ecology-Les Verts is a field of tension. The finalist of the primary school Sandrine Rousseau (who accounted for 48.97% of the vote) on this exclusive, February 3, from the team of the candidate Yannick Jadot for the proposal in vitro on the strategy of the Parisian report, announced the campaign director in a communiqué.

This article is “illustrate your choice to make a personal express on the collection”, says Mounir Satouri. .

“She did not preside over the political council, she did not preside over the special adviser of the candidate,” said AFP, a key member of the AFC, which chants the “eco-feminism” policy on paper.

Sandrine Rousseau, in the wake of the AFP, also supported the proposals quoted by Le Parisien:

A campaign that pays off

The relationships between the two finalists of September last year are not in harmony with the reason for a divergence of political politics, Yannick Jadot is posing in the defense of a pragmatic ecology, before Rorene’s pragmatics Sandrine.

This incident led to a presidential campaign that was difficult to declare after the last month. The polls currently do not include Yannick Jadot between 5 and 6.5% of the voting intentions, but the second round also includes Jean-Luc Mélenchon, with a 10% increase.

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