The School of Pharmacy of the University of Sanskrit has opened a research center for drug discovery and development, which aims to create an environment for teachers and students to ignite and maintain a passion for knowledge and excellence.

“The center will provide quality audiences to our faculty and staff, students along with researchers. The center aims to provide quality communal infrastructure, high-tech laboratories for students, faculty and researchers so that they can contribute to the discovery and development of medicines that can potentially improve the health and well-being of millions of people, ”said Sachin Gupta, Chancellor of Sanskrit University.

The university said it has filed 304 patents, including 3 international patents issued and ready for commercialization by 2020.

“Two scientists from Ms. Dipty Matpal’s Faculty of Pharmacy published three articles in Pubmed, and Ms. Junai’s Market published 3 articles from the UGC list last month.” This was announced by the Vice-Rector of the University of Sanskrit Tanma Haswami.

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