Chemotherapy is the cure for cancer treatment. But it works and its consistencies on the organism are a little less. You will be able to save on this therapy, which is against the tumor cells.

Destruction of cancer cells

Chemotherapy uses direct cancer cells or well to play. Le plus souvent, une même chemotherapy corresponds to an Association of plus drugs.

Chemotherapy can be used only in the Association with radiotherapy. The choke of molecules is adapted to the function of the situation: the cancer is specific and needs to be treated appropriately.

Chemotherapy to eliminate but eliminates cancer cells from all body parts. To do this, the combined medications administered to the young, help to destroy malignant cells or in the multiplier.

The chemotherapies are not for the consistency of human hair, but also of all the phenères that have cils and sourcils, poles of publishers and axillaries, barbs, etc. Adobe stock illustration

Physical secondary effects

But she is not systematic, she has lost some of her second-hand effects. The treatment also affects the cellular cells, which do not tolerate rapid division, are responsible for the power of poles and beetles in the follicles. C’est pourquoi ces chemiotherapies ont pour conséquence la chute des cheveux, mais aussi de tous les phanères tels que cils et sourcils, poils pubiens et axillaires, barbe i itd.

The cells are also touchy

“The chemotherapeutic agents determined the cancerous cells, but they were also able to endorse the cellular cells. Lesions aux cellules saines provoquent des effets secondaryaires », noted la Société Canadienne du Cancer. Parmi ces effets indésirables, on peut citer la fatigue, les nausei et vomissements, la perte d’appetit, une inflammation des muqueuses, des changements de la peau …

In addition to the fact that the importation of these ineffective effects is not the sign of the efficiency or the failure of the treatment.

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