Tout d’abord il essentiel de rappeler que no, on ne peut pas guérir une allergie. It can be found that a sensitization can have an attenuating effect, stimulating the immune system and rendering the patient plus tolerance to the substance. These are the allergies in the case of allergies to pollen that this treatment is more effective. Cela dit, he ne peut parler de guérison. And the main “treatment” is in the reality of allergy avoidance. In other terms, avoid absolutely all contact with the pollen provoking the notes.

More easy to do what to do? En effet, comme l’admet l’Assurance-maladie sur son site, “l’éviction est nemoguće en cas de pneumallergène (pylok, zlaki, acariens …)”. The rest that is possible to reduce the exposure and to lower the level of notes in mettant in œuvre toute a series of preventive measures.

The antihistamines of the last generation are plus efficacies and very little sedatives

There is also a series of symptomatic treatments. The therapy is adapted to the symptoms of resistance. Ainsi, “allergic rhinitis is an ameliorate event, but it is intense, for antihistamines and local treatments, for nasal solutions (corticoids or antihistamines) associated with cold beds,” he said. “The support is self-inflicted, it has been given a very sedative effect, the antihistamines of the last generation are plus the effects and the very sedatives,” said the University of Vaudois University Center in Suidois.

Quant à l’asthme, «il traité de façon à calmer la crise aiguë. If necessary, a treatment for inhalation of corticosteroids can be written, ”said the insurance company. Against allergic conjunctivitis, antihistamines and the use of antihistamines are effective.

Toutefois, “these treatments do not come from allergies, but do not want to limit or limit allergies and improve their quality of life,” said the French Association for Prevention.

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