Plus 25 degrees north of the week, 30 degrees in the south of the country and 35 points in the southwest. It is possible that the beginning of the spring will be marked by some wonderful days in March, the first vase of the annual heat will be well and well presented in the last week.

The oppression of the rappeler that we do not have all the equal faces at eleven temperatures. The organism of many fragments (persons, handicrafts, women, children, young children …) can be used to prepare the first colors, but the body does not have the habituation of elevated temperatures. The recommended recommendation for these publics … but also for the whole world, insisted on the Minister of Health.

Il rappelle en effet que «la chaleur fatigue toujours; she was able to enter the graves and mortals, as well as dehydration or heat stroke; the pollution of the air and the humidity of the aggravates the effects of lightning on the heat ». To minimize these risks (and to revise good habitats in the preview of the state), we have some advice:


N’attendez pas d’avoir soif pour le faire. On parle bien évidemment de boire de l’eau et eventuelle des jus de fruis frais. No alcohol (unsealed fort in warmth), no boissons in the fort of caffeine: they are diuretics. Hydration, this is also the goal of your peau: privilege of fresh souls and use of humidifier and fan. “Simultaneous use is the most effective: to make the board of the party discoverable, to blow the fan party with the manual fan”, Council of Ministers of the Council. To rehearse the most out of the way he is, that he is sec.

Protect yourself from the sun

It has a sole oil temperature and UV index. Pour éviter la morsure du soleil sur votre peau, portez des habits ample, légers et clairs (préférez les matières naturallles comme le coton, qui en plus laisse passer l’air et absorbe la transpiration). Headband and cassette with the protection of the insolation, and the lunettes of the sun reserve reserved for you. For the party of your corps of expositions, a cream for a strong indication of protection is authentic and indispensable that you can not go to the sun alone.

And sports?

Well done, for outdoor sports, this is the best season to come. We are not even in the holiday period. Some of the recommendations are all good things to observe: plan your outings to the matinee or in the soybean and reduce the intensity of your activities for your use of your body, you will play the technical technique in a couple of ways. head, arms and legs regularly. Well done, bro!

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