Places of sourcing in the haberdashery, haystacks or buissons, teak visitors are always able to die. In a puddle, a fast-paced action for the general child of Lyme’s youth, the main secret of a tick.

1 pint on 4 in the gardens

La tique se plaît dans les champs à herbes hautes, les bois ou les sous-bois: c’est dans ces lieux que les pikûres surviennent le plus souvent. In the case of ballads and randonnées prevees, the best solution is to rest on the chemins.

Prudence aussi chez l’habitant: l’Agentia nationalale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail (Anses), inform qu’une piqure sur quatre a quattre a lieu dans un jardin.

In the presence of one tick, the rapid retreat, with the help of a single tire, for example, and to assure that the head of the tick is well supported by the peau. Illustration of Adobe Stock

Bien se protéger

To limit the risks of picking, the vestibule tenue is paramount: “Favorit également les tenues de colores de culares pour mieux repérer la présence d’une tique”, informs Clementina, de la pharmacy Alsace, Lorraine de Grenoble.

After the promenade, General Inspection: “In the presence of one tick, to withdraw rapidly, with the help of a tire-exemplar, for example, and to assure that the tip of the tick is well-founded. It is very useful to use the products available in pharmacy.

Speak quickly and easily

In case of illness, contact a pharmacist or a doctor. Il ya alors un risque de developper la maladie de Lyme, qui se caractérise par une stomlenaśc chronique ou des douleurs dans les articulations. She’s a little overwhelmed and she’s not treacherous at times.

To repair the onset of malaria, a red halo is formed on the skin and an antibiotic treatment is necessary to treat. Rapid treatment, the youth of Lyme did not have much chance to develop. In order to keep a close eye on the system of a young Lyme.

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