“May 12 is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale,” a clear association FibromyalgieSOS. “In 1820 in Grande-Brittany, she worked as an informant for the Lorra’s account of a form of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia over the age of 40. “On the origins of the Foundation of the Croix Rouge International, the annual correspondence corresponds to the World Cup of Fibromyalgia and the Constitution” and a symbol of strength and resistance against youth. »

A lutte who dure depuis deux siècles donc. Pourtant, the prize in charge of the remaining small youth in 2022. The board that the diagnostic is complicated by the variability of the symptoms and the absence of biologically specific markers.

En effet, si «elle est avant tout associée à des douuleurs chroniques diffuses fluctuantes, une grande majorité des paciatäu souffre aussi de fatigue persistentte, de heavyés de concentration et d’attention, et d’un deconditionnement confiziophysicalprocessàques inactivité soi physique et au repli suri ) », Décrit l’Inserm (National of Health and Medical Research). Plus, the treatments are very symptomatic.

Cela dit, la prize en charge s’ameliore grâce à la recherche. This is what Permis will realize in the implementation of a collectively published expertise in 2020. A number of contingent inputs are important in the matter of those who have a good time in this 20nd World Cup 2022.

Ainsi, the institute is the only one that favors the ability to accommodate and adapt to the function of writing. “Surprisingly, it insists on” a remission of movement through a physically adapted activity. “And for a reason, ‘thank you for the medical imagination, to declare that physical activity is active on the control of the cerebral level”, said the Minister of Health *.

* A reference to the prescription of physical activity for fibromyalgia in the field of physical activity and sports on ordinance is in the 2022 program of the HAS (High Health Authority).

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