After his arrival in 2004, the tiger monks were invited to Hexagone. These insects reproduce “in our gardens and on our terraces, we want to go to the baths, play or abandon objects, reservoirs of non-envelopes”, not the authors of the Epidemiological Bulletin (BEHEB).

Dangereux pour l’humain, ces vilaines bétes peuvent transmettre plusieurs maladies.

Le chikungunya

This pathology manifests itself 2 to 12 days after the peak. Elevated fire, brutal apparition, courtesies, most of the damage, nausea and fatigue are the most important notes of the day. In some cases, the leaves are resistant and the infection passes.

The joints with articulations are generally disposed of in a few days of the week, and the restoration is complete. Some more, the most difficult articulars. Actually, it does not exist as a drug that warms the young. The treatment to protect the buttocks.


This maladie is transmitted by the female tiger bridges. It is present in all tropical and subtropical areas, in particular in urban areas. She has promoted rapidly in the world (Americas, China, Japan) and not only in Europe, but also in France.

Côté pensômes, on retrouve la fièvre, mais aussi des douleurs rétro-orbitaires (derrière les yeux), musculaires voire articulaires, des nausées et vomissements, une adénopathie (poveličanie, tak ta povelechenie obyomu leà vises les ganglies principe … at the notes.

Zika virus

Among the two most common pathologies, the Zika virus manifests itself in influenza syndrome, a conjunctivitis with eyepieces and red eyes, a disease of men and children and a cutaneous eruption. As the precision of the Assurance-maladie, «in a very great majority of the case, the maladie provoked some of the notes and war in two days. »

In rematch, the cause of infection with Zika virus infection and the survival of congenital malformations of the nervous system (microcephaly) are established. »This is why, I think, I want to avoid the countries around the circular virus.

Rare graves

The number of causative insects caused by these insects, the risks of developing one of these young people are failing. In 2018, the authority registered 16 cases of chikungunya, 333 dengue and 10 days of Zika in the Metropolis.

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