Plus all the journals, we presented you with this explanation of the star Ewan McGregor I care about the success of the law prelogyto the reception of the prochaine sortie de la Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney +, signing the return of the British actor in the franchise. And yes named projects are in preparation course Lucasfilm et al Disneyhe is currently a little plus a project long footagewho will be charged for a person at Disney.

The movie Star Wars Kevin Fajge

A screenplay by Michael Waldron detailing the story of Kevin Feigy’s “Star Wars,” which implies his son’s subtext to the franchise. Marvel’s new patron film is coming out in 2019 like being one of the new Star Wars projects and preparing for Disney and Lucasfilm, which corresponds to the film Robber Squadron Patty Jenkins, the first film of 2023, is a film by Taiki Vaiti.

In Kevin Faigy’s Star Wars, the pendant “D’abord été développé en Silence pendant des mois” appears. jusqu’à ce que les fan adpennent que Michael Waldron allait écrire le scénario en debut d’année dernière. Waldron is a great public figure for his screenwriting work at the first season of the series Lokiand more about the film Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Lui permettant ainsi de continueer avec Disney sur d’autres franchises de la marque. It supports projects with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Waldron has a lot of information on how to travel to Star Wars University.

Lors d’un entretien avec Variety pour Dr. Strange 2, the screenwriter gave some details regarding the Star Wars movie. He also confirmed that he was terribly serious about the project, and alors laissé entender que l’histoire pourrait être totalement disconnectée ce ce qui s’est passé auparavant dans la franchise. He declares:

We are very meticulously. I’m looking for you, I’m going to be on the train at this moment. It’s very exciting. J’apprécie le fait d’avoir la liberté de faire quelque chose quí n’est pas nécessairement une suite ou autre. It is not possible to connect with other films and series as I would like to do it Dr. Strange 2. Don’t be okay, it’s a different exercise.

This Declaration by Waldron made the Star Wars movie Feige interview a few days after the screenwriter had confirmed that he was busy writing the project script. Well, no new comments always at the end of the day when the public will be able to see The Star Wars movie of the Grand Patron of the MCU, on the other hand, the project is a course of course, and it has advanced.

Et si certains pourraient être déçus careant le manque d’attache avec les trilogies existenttesyou can be quantitatively quantitative in the manner you do not want to interfere with the place of the child in this place, this project is extremely important to be able to adjust the adapter to the big screen as the goal of the Republic of Haute by example.

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