If the situation is difficult to support, it will also help you. “The distance aide to idealize the other plus the long time and donc to enter the intensity of the love state”, rappelle Yves-Alexandre Thalmann. “Separation for the sake of your love and transformation transformed into a real fame. »

But pay attention, if the physical distance is limited by the risks of being or agace by the other, she may also be able to keep up with the lovely love, just a point of no return. “Le toucher favors the production of ocytocine, the hormone dite de l’attachement,” explains Yves-Alexander Talman. “We have to see new technologies that can be seen and talked about in the journals, but they do not replace physical contact. The pair at a distance dovent the donors to retaliate regularly. »

Mountain a la technology

Other education: abuser of communication skills in our position. Povoir s’appeler, s’écrire et se voir par ecrans interposés tous les jours est une chance, à condition de ne pas devenir prisoner de ces outils. “The ideal is to fix the rules and be strong,” recommends Yves-Alexander Talman. “On the occasion of the example of the appellant or to write a word in the day. Cele évite de s’inquiéter quand l’autre ne répond pas dans l’instant à un message. »

The final advice of the specialist, “avoid the tentation, do not agree with the force of your will. You can be a couple, but when the other is not, you can be friends with a couple. »Car bien entendu, il faut continued de sortir de de passer de bons moments. No question of you interrupting today in your absence. On the contrary, plus you have the help of the centers of the interior, plus the pace of passing life and plus you have the help of the shocks to reconcile.

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