For Mulder and Scully, loyalty is a volunteer. But for Simon Astier, he will be on WarnerTV, or he will be released Visitors.

Il faudra bientôt ranger au grenier le cliché selon lequel la France serait bien incapable de produire des divertissements de science-fiction. If you are a member of a popular culture, you will be able to do so, you will be able to look at the indulgence of the press by the profession or the cultural institute, the spectators font savoir depuis bien longtemps combien les longs-metrages et series de SF les passionate, and the plebiscite regulating the fluors of the genre. And since Mission in 2017, the projects of this type are multiplied in the Hexagon.

I am a successor AVNI (s), Translationson encore Infinity. Authentic results that are very important to them Visitors. New creation of Simon Astier, he and the retrospective of the art of controversy and the dosage that fires the succes of Company Hero Corp. The comedian, screenwriter and director of the abandonment of the super-heroes for us to comment Richard, who lived, not without strength, to integrate the forces of the police, his son boutivers bouleversé par une odéferlante … extraterrestre.

A beautiful invasion is announced

Savant mélange d’humour, of frisson and science fiction, the series is the premier Creation original by WarnerTV. Available depuis le 10 mai, it takes 8 episodes of 26 minutes. A program is also rich in traffic, which is a time to disassemble a casting of more heterocycles and contractors. For the replica of Simon Astier, they are Florence Loiret Caille, Vincent Desagnat, Arnaud Tsamère, oru encore Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais du Palmashow.

What is the commentary on the profits of WarnerTV programs? La Chaîne is available exclusively from Canal sur la Chaîne 42 Dans l’offre Essentiel Famille ainsi que dans l’offre Ciné Séries, dans l’offre Orange Famille od Canal sur la chaîne 80 і dans l’offre Free TV Panorama od Canal sur la Chaîne 82.

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