Plus designs of millionaires of people voted to reflect the traditional International Labor Day, to the appeal of members of unions and Associations.

«To the world for social and environmental issues

“The fact that the mobilization of the 1st of May is the most massive possible … General de la CGT Philippe Martinez in Le Parisien Samedi.

On France Inter, M. Martinez said that he had “been appointed exceptionally, a week after the election of the President of the Republic”. “Il faut qu’il y ait du monde”, insist.

Deux cent cinquante-cinq points de rassemblement sont prévus dans le pays, selon la secretarétare confederalle CGT Céline Verzeletti, «vingt de plus» que l’année dernière. The conductor of the trade union is attentive to a good mobilization, but it is also possible to have a holiday and to pay for the school holidays for the zones A and C.

The Parisienne event at 2:30 pm on the Place de la République, in the direction of the Place de la Nation.

Political figures

The names of the political figures of the Gauche are visits, at the first rank of Jean-Luc Melanchon (LFI). The national secretary of the EELV, Julien Bayou, is still defining the capital, of which, without exception, he is the homologist of the PS Olivier Faure. The PCF presidential candidate, Fabien Roussel, is in Lille.

Dans le contexte de négociations négicociations pour parvenir à un accord de toute la gauche en vue des legíslatives, M. Bayou a évoqué vendredi la possibilité pour la gache de defiler sous une une «bannière com syndic en vue des legíslatives». Mais M. Mélenchon added a few words about the JDD: “The photo of the family of May, it is not the subject! Le sujet, c’est le contenu du program social qu’on appliquera ».

En 2021: 170,000 protesters

In 2021, Les organisateurs avaient revendiqué plus 170,000 protesters, not 25,000 in Paris. The Minister of the Interior has the largest number of 106,650 protesters in France, up to 17,000 in the capital.

In the first rank of the CYT-Unsa-FSU-Solidaires inter-union revendications, they also join the student and lyceum organizations Unef, VL, MNL and FIDL, «questions about facilities, public services, protection social and ecological transit », will be communicated on April 7.

Contrairement à l’année dernière, la confederation Force Ouvrière n’a pas signé cet appel national. In retaliation, the nle-de-France Regional Union has a common path with these organizations and the General Secretary of the FO Yves Veyrier. In the matinee, M. Veyrier made an account of the homage to the combatants of the Commune, before the wall of the Federation of the Père-Lachaise cemetery.

La CFDT, the premier syndicate of France, part without surprises, organized by “1er mai engagé pour le climat”.

The reform of the peace line

In the line of peace of trade union organizations, the reform of retracts, alors that President Emmanuel Macron made a decision of the legal department of the department at 64 for 65 years a cardinal point of his program. Their inquisitiveness is more than the fact that the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, did not have to use the weapons of the 49-3 army to accept the reform.

The Associations and ONG mobilized on the surrounding issues as part of the party, to the appeal of the Collective Plus jamais ça.

The authorities are attentive to the attractions of the appeals of the ultra-gauche and the ultra-right, but also the last manifestations of the 1st of May on these enamels of incidents. L’an dernier, des militants et des vechicules syndicaux avaient été pris pour cibles place de la Nation. Cette année, la police visit Paris quelque 300 activists and “jusqu’à un millier de Gilets jaunes”.