In 2018, Stan Lee became the creator of the Marvel comic book n’a pas dit son dernier mot puisqu’il pourrait faire de nombreuses apparitions dans le MCU.

Thanks to its famous camels, Stan Lee is living an inseparable figure of his Marvel cinematographers, a notorious well-known woman. In effect, Monsieur a la Grosse Mustache blanche is responsible for all the comedians who have the glory of the Marvel Society. It was the companion of this Jack Kirby, his faces Quatre Fantastiques, Hulk and Thor, Spider-Man with Steve the Baby, Iron Man, Dr. Strange and others. Enjoy, this is a great gentleman.

He is not the only one who has participated in the comics event, he is one of the people in the world identié par une large komunauté de spectateurs, justement grâce à ses caméos. Depuy The Incredible Hulk Process In 1989, Stan Lee is the face of all the films found in the Marvel superhero scene. Ten in 2018, it will take revenge to posthumously with The Avengers: Final, marking the last apparition on the screen. However, this is a symbolic experience in a film announcing the end of a year, Stan Lee et son image n’ont pas fini d’être exploités.

Departure rate for additional and more repaired

Comme on pouvait s’en douter, Marvel / Disney і acquis les droits, pour vingt ans, du bon vieux Stan Lee et peut désormais use your name, to voice, to have your own image in movies, but also on television, to your Disney attractions and cruises and to buy merchandisingas a reveler The Hollywood Reporter. I can’t say that Stan Lee’s games are more expensive than Captain America’s costumes, but not all of them.

If I don’t know what Disney wants us to do again, Stan Lee will reconstitute numbers like Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 7, which contracted to be able to have this opportunity in the right to repair the monsieur of one façon ou d’une autre. The company can use the audiovisual archives of Stan Lee. Reste donc à découvrir comment Disney décidera d’utiliser son image et surtout à quelles fins.

At the same time, the MCU did not want to be able to spend time Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is selling and selling, Thor: Love and Thunder arrived in France on July 13, 2022, when Stan Lee?

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