What’s on your streaming watch list this month? October may draw you to Halloween-themed TV shows and movies, but you don’t necessarily have to horror movies have fun

Netflix brings such arrivals The observer and two disturbing ones The Jeffrey Dahmer series this fall, but that might not get you to stick with the streamer this month. Still, Hellraiser, Michael Myers, and Werewolf by Night might make you pay for competing platforms.

Each month I share tips on which streaming services to ditch or keep based on their new releases, price, and current lineup. On a a time when we are all more cost-consciousyou can think about opting out of multiple streaming subscriptions. I would like to offer my strategy: Whip like ice cream.

What is it? Subscribe for a specific period, cancel, select a different service, then re-subscribe while keeping your selection in the queue. Feel free to choose one or two essentials per year and treat additional streaming providers as seasonal add-ons. The advantage is that you can save money if Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and others don’t have the movies or shows you want to watch at a specific time. Just remember to turn off auto-renewal for your monthly subscriptions. Rotation might not work if you share your accounts with people outside of your family, but if you can work out a system with your streaming clique, go for it.

Here are my recommendations for which streamers to keep or cancel for October, based on the new TV shows and movies coming out on each platform. There is a selection of non-horror titles streaming on various streaming services. But beware on October 10th price hike on Hulu, which will increase your monthly bill to $8 for the ad-supported plan and $13 to $15 for the ad-free version. Your tastes may vary, but if nothing else, I encourage you to at least consider the concept of rotation for savings. It’s easier than you think.

Streaming service rotation

Hold on






Apple TV Plus


Disney Plus




Paramount plus


Prime Video






Yes, keep HBO Max and maybe those other streaming services

HBO Max: In perfect sync, House of the Dragon wraps October 23 and White lotus season 2 The premiere will take place on October 30. It should be worth your money this month, but basketball fans might want to check out Jeremy Lin’s documentary In the Garden on October 11. For Kids: Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! of land on October 15.

Hulu: Aside from The Handmaid’s Tale, the only reason to leave Hulu after October 7th is network shows and anime. The composition includes My heroic academy season 6 (Oct. 1), all seasons of Sheets Creek (Oct. 3), the Hellraiser reboot movie (Oct. 7), The Good Doctor Season 6 (Oct. 4), and the new season premieres of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 (Oct. 7 ). A man with a chainsaw will be released on October 11th, and Rosaline, a Hulu original about Romeo’s ex, will be released on October 14th. Note that you can watch anime on Crunchyroll for the same price of $8 per month.

Netflix: I put Netflix in the save column this month, but it might be worth ditching it to save about $15. Here’s what’s new: Stephen King’s adaptation of Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone is out on October 5th, followed by Mila Kunis’ The Happiest Girl Alive on October 7th. The Midnight Club series will be released on October 8th, while The Watcher (not The Witcher) will be released on October 8th. 13. The highly-anticipated School of Good and Evil movie will be released on October 19, as well as “Love is Blind” season 3 on the 25), The Good Nurse (October 26) with Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, Wendell & Wild (October 28) or season 6 of Big Mouth (October 28).

Prime video: Thursday Night Football continues and the first season of The Rings of Power ends on October 14. You probably already have this subscription in your Prime membership.

Disney Plus: You’re still watching Andorra, or will you wait and drink in November? The 33rd season of The Simpsons debuts on October 5th, and Werewolf by Night, the Marvel horror film, will be released on October 7th. She-Hulk ends on October 13, The New Mutants comes out on October 14, and Dancing with the Stars continues. Cancel Disney Plus after She-Hulk or wait until Andor ends in November. But if you love Focus Pocus 2, there’s a good chance your family will be watching it all October long.

Cancel these streaming services in October

starz: If you’re not looking Snake Queencancel Starz after Raising Kanan ends on October 23rd.

Paramount Plus: Some fans may want to stream NFL games or CBS shows like Blue Bloods, SWAT, The Equalizer or NCIS: Los Angeles. Star Trek: Prodigy will be released on October 27. For horror fans, a large number of scary movies have arrived here, including Scream 1-3, Malice, The Devil Within and others. And we know the trailer disappointed a lot of fans, but Monster High: The Movie is coming out on October 6th. Watch cartoons on this service if you want – otherwise, skip this month’s Paramount Plus subscription.

Peacock: The only thing you might want to watch here is Chucky Season 2 (October 5th) or Halloween ends on October 14th. Hopefully you made the $2 deal to get Peacock Premium. If the NFL, Michael Myers, or Chucky aren’t your thing, cancel the Peacock.

Apple TV Plus: Except for the first season of Shantaram starring Charlie Hunnam. Things should pick up on Apple TV Plus in November and December, but if you love Charlie Brown, stream It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on Halloween.

Save money by being patient

If you’re not one to get FOMO on a regular basis, a smart method is to wait until the main part or all episodes of your favorite TV series are available on the platform. So instead of paying for the service over several months to cover 6-10 weeks of exposure, you can catch up with a single month subscription. And then repeat the cycle again.

As an example, there are 12 episodes of Chainsaw Man for season 1. The finale airs in December, so all episodes will be available to stream at that time. Even though it premieres on October 11th and runs through the winter, why pay for three months of Hulu when you can wait to watch it in its entirety anytime in December? The same principle applies to the 10-episode series The Handmaid’s Tale. In November, you can drink everything. If one of these is the only series you want to watch this period, it makes sense to be patient to save money.

Calculate how much you spend each month on streaming services. It’s probably over $50. Netflix costs $10 to $20, Disney Plus costs $3 to $8 depending on packages, HBO Max costs $10 to $15, Hulu starts at $8, and Starz starts at $9. The rest have a base rate of $5 per month. If you decide to change your subscription, set a reminder on your calendar to remind you when it’s time to renew or cancel your subscription. We’ll see you in November for another broadcast breakdown, and be sure to check out our recommendations on best free vpn and horror movies on hbo max.

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