12% of respondents do not give pros.

L’AFCAE, l’Association Française des Cinémas d’Arts et Essai, is in demand at Ifop a study for me to know the consumption of series and films in France. The American American platforms that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others. livrant peu de ciffres au public, difficile de connaître les nouvelles habitudes des (télé) spectateurs. This is due to the demand of 2,000 people of 15 years and more to answer a series of questions on the debut of April 2022.

62% of respondents refuse audiovisual services (for example, Canal +), and 55% of the audience in SVOD (22% in total). Subscription responses are Netflix, which has a larger increase in on-screen viewers, 45% responses (not 58% aged 25 to 49), and 28% on Prime Video, 19% on Disney + and 14% flood MyCanal. A la question “What are the main advantages of using video services by subscription?“, 71% of respondents “I want to watch a movie when I love you”57% of mentions “Lack of publicity”56% cit “Je peux arrêter le visionnage d’un film quand je le souhaite”54% “It’s easy and fast to use” and 53% “I have the best choice of great suggestions”. Coyut, le fait de pouvoir regarder un program sur plusieurs supports ou de ne pas avoir besoin de se deplacer au cinéma sont bien plus loin, avec respectively 29%, 31% et 25% de réponses.

Face the success of the great platformers (the study of the love of the phenomenon that is a phenomenon accelerated by the fermentation of the halls of the obscure lords of consumerism in 2020 and 2021), the second subscriptions? 5% of the respondents responded and all plus souvent, 54% at their own pace before taking their subscription (s), 29% less souvenir and 12% did not want to see all the movies on the big screen. There are 41% of SVOD subscriptions that recognize that this mode of diffusion has a negative impact on movie theaters.

Etude of l’Ifop for l’AFCAE

The study is just one of the following subscriptions to the SVOD service, recording films and series of fashion shows. She is responsible for a number of preferences for series: 52% of probe-based polls are also a visionary of the series, and 18% are essential for films. The part of the spectators that does not consider that there is also another 4% rating for each category. Series with the pros that mix the platform, Netflix products: La Casa de Papel, Lupine et al Game squid they are the most quoted here. Some films are very, very, very interesting in the field of animation: Luke, soul et al Alert Rouge are the cards on Disney + et Hotel Transylvania 4 suggested by Amazon, you are also invited to the top.

The study of Ifop for the AFCAE is to be read hereillustrated by the graphs of the most important to understand the evolution of the habitats of the spectators of 2020.

Reduction of cash fees in 2021 in France and in the world

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