The fortune of the family of President Syrian Bachar al-Assad is a problem for between 1 and 2 billion dollars, and the Jews of the State Department are affirmed, but also the tents of the insular pay the warden.

In a report requested by the Congress, the Department of State of America states that it does not support the quorum of “inaccurate assessment”, the Assad is a confusion of the possibilities of being able to meet the needs of people.

“System system”

“Les Estimations basées sur des accessible informations à tous placent génelement la fortune de la famile Assad entre 1 et 2 milliards de dollars”, affirme la partie publicque du rapport, dont des pans sont classés secrets.

Les Assad is the subject of “a complex system, comparing the societies-screens and façade enterprises, which is the main source of support for financial resources”, in addition to the report, on the other hand. media.

The animation includes the epic of the president, his brother, his sister, his cousins ​​and his son. The plunder is under the American sanctions coup. The State Department will not be able to provide information on the three children of Bachar al-Assad, do not have more than 17 years.

Premiere of the visit aux EAU

The United States imposed sanctions against a normalization of the President of Syria, which took control of the major part of the Syrian territory after a decade of war.

However, there are other contrasting tractors. In Mars, Bachar al-Assad is ainsi rendu aux Emirates arabes unis, with a premiere visit in 2011 debut in Arabic.

Recognize the repression of pro-democracy manifestations, the war in Syria and the lives of about 500,000 people, the devastation of the infrastructure of the country and the release of millions of people.