Emanuel Macron is the Prime Minister of Elizabeth Bourne. Just after Edith Cresson, a woman is new to the head of government. Технакрат, jamais élue, Élisabeth Borne devra affronter de nombreux défis pour s’imposer dans cet univers encore très masculin.

Mod Navarro, sociologist, author of the work “Ganre et carrière politique”, analyzes for our journal the sources of this nomination and the perspectives of evolution that will open the place of women in politics.

Photo: Samuel Berthet / DR

What is the symbolic value of the nomination of Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister?

Mod Navarre: “It is a great symbolic value. C’est la deuxième femme nommée Premiere ministre sous la Vème République, la premiere étant Edith Cresson il ya 30 ans. This is a symbolism of strength. Surtout qu’au niveau de nos voisins européens il ya eu un certain nombre d’antécédents et jusqu’à présent la France était restée à l’écart. Il ya quelque chose d’assez inédit. The Governor of Edith Cresson is one of the most important courts in the Republic of Vietnam. Edith Cresson criticized the demarche. The donut beaucoup à faire du coté d’Elisabeth Borne, elle a un gros challenge à relever. The fact that he was a woman who was able to occupy the post and that he was competent to post ».

Is this a good choice for political parity?

“It simply came to our notice then. Elle a tout de suite eu un message on le fait qu’elle espère faire naître des vocations chez les petites filles. If it’s okay, you want to be able to win, you can have an effect of training after other women who want to launch, or some of the people who want to count.

But it also means that the government in the government that in the previous year was a volunteer in this feminization of politics. When participating in my government, I will also be nominated for the nomination of women responsible for three men, as this is the case with Florence Parly at the Minister of the Army of the Lords of the Last Governor’s Office “.

After the nomination, many of the cries that he said were his technocrat profile. Who is Penser?

“The technocrat cousin is a critic who retreats to women. This is not a surprising choice, but he is able to escape. I give you a hyper competent person who can be useful. He will be able to do what he wants me to do ».

She is also compared to Margaret Thatcher. Are the women souffre-elles plus the comparison with foreign personalities?

“Comparaison touche aussi bien les homes que les femmes mais les critères sont differenti. Эмануэль Макрон, на va le comparer à des grands président d’autres pays. Elizabeth Bourne, on ne peut pas s’empêcher de la comparer sur son odnosini, syn celasklad, sa manière d’être, ce qui est problématicque.

To turn into an elevated function, it is necessary to forge an image and a carapace, to be able to endure. Elisabeth Bourne has a profile, she has a strong ethic of life, she does sports … She is very supportive in the maintenance, in this relationship who is the rapper of Margaret Thatcher. When he is a woman, he is attentive to what is more relative, to the ecclesiastical, plus the gens, before this profile includes a point of view outside ».

On voit beaucoup de femmes politiques se masculiniser lorsqu’elles grimpent les échelons. Comment éviter cet écueil?

“You have to be able to find something between women and women and endorse the responsibilities defined and for men. It is difficult to pass for a poor man. This is a school of life politics. One of the manners of the whole world, which is in its capacity to communicate with the French.

Жан Кастекс, аб l’a vu très souvent être le principal interlocuteur des Français, Covid oblige. It is in a form of proximity to the French, but it is a great opportunity to build on the ground. With his accent, he represents the French and only the Parisians and makes it easy. Elizabeth Bourne is probably the devoy of Juer sur Ce Creno. If she doesn’t develop this capacity to be close to, in the application of measures, she will be able to rest on her feet ».

What difficulties do you have in confronting your poor people?

“The biggest challenge is the legitimacy selections. It will be a great challenge for a person to see the new candidate in the circus. What a complication to make you lose. After all, he failed to survive these elections, he did not say that the result of the goals of Macron was the idea of ​​changing the Prime Minister. It doesn’t matter what kind of people you live in. “