A small question for the debutant: qu’est-ce que l’Edge computing, le multicloud et le Big Data ont en commun? Ces trois tendences – qui ne sont pas uniquement des buzzwords – créent une valeur smatérable pour les entreprises qui les deploient, mais entraînent en paralèle une charge non nigligable sur leur réseau.

This is one of the most important markers of digital transformation that is to be found: the goal of disposing of technology plus more performers, noting the periphery of the information system, you need to have a capacity of without common measure with effective resources available.

Is it possible to limit the capacity of innovation? Assurance no. It is urgent to reset the backbone at the center of decisions and to support your fundraising efforts to support technological projects that support the development of demons.

However, what are the fundamentals of this new generation, capable of playing the role of “business enable” in absorbing the complexity to free the possibilities of critical application? The answer in 4 words: autonomy, adaptation, capillarity and security. Suives guide!

№ 1 – A réseau toujours plus autonomy

Each day, your meeting will allow you to translate a number of fluorescent names: distance distances, transfer of critical data, metric or interactive fluctuations … Authentic for the use of which is appealing the attribution of privacy benefits, hot airs, hotplates criticism of the profile of the demander.

Face the multiplication of these solutions, it is not a question of making an appeal to a systematic human intervention. It is essential to integrate a dose of automation in the treatment of flux to reduce the workload of IT teams, increase efficiency and reduce the risk of human error.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise standalone is an automatic configuration and provision. It automates critical operations, guarantees the security of events and ameliorate consideration of the experience of IT and technical teams.

№ 2 – Tirer toute la valeur de l’IoT

Dans tous les secteurs, l’internet des objects bouleverse les pratiques et ouvre des champs d’application considerables. More progressive integration of millions, voices of millions, of captures and communicative objects in the information system is not improvised, and there is a risk of new risks that convict against antiquity. Effectively, the term of these terminals does not have a limited amount of treatment, they are not the only ones to configure and configure piracy.

For aborder sereinement l’ère de l’IoT et en tirer toute la valeur, une stratégie dédiée doit être mise en place.

It’s all about the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. The association of detection and classification functions, to automatically apply the profile profile to which the new object is connected, is identified and the virtual segmentation to guarantee that each service or application will have an environment in which it is directed. optimal operation and an adapted security.

№ 3 – Measure innovation in the service of the metric process

As an IT service, a solution to the fact that the value of the value is not the end of the original plus more than the last month. L’IoT, the localization services and the collaboration platforms that support the part of the company of all companies, and the network is capable of dynamically adapting to offer the service of the e-mailing service. fonnalit les spektakli que les utilizateurs sont en droit d’attendre.

OmniAccess Stellar d’Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s support features localization data in real time and a history of users or objects in business. It is always possible to have a view of real time on the grounds of specific equipment of the terrain, and to quickly adapt the policies to guarantee the best experience in the field.

And for a simple and intuitive pilotage, the Rainbow home machine interface offers free access to a convivial tool for dynamic dynamism in terms of use that requires intervention or human validation. The competencies of your teams are at liberties with the highest value.

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