The candidates of Jesus from the popular contest of 2019 in Lebanon will have 13 seats in the Parliament, but the results of the final elections will be announced.

Among the 13 candidates nominated for reform on the agenda of the Parliament of the Council of Ministers who voted for the leaders of the Hezbollah Committee and the Allies, which is the majority of the Assembly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Interior. Bassam Mawlawi.

Effondrement du bloc le plus important

Le plus the great bloc of the parliament of Lebanon, but the most powerful movement in the army of Hezbollah pro-Iran, and the majority in the Parliament, but these results are definitive.

The movement moves and its political alliances, which have received about 70 of the 128 members of the Parliament of the Sorting, have not been able to support the 65 most important seats to preserve a majority after the elections