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The prosecutor of Paraguay specializes in lute against drug trafficking, Marcelo Pecci, and this assassins killed in Colombia for the landing of jet skis on the paradise beach of one of the Caribbean islands near me.

Alors qu’il passait sa lune de miel en Colombie, Marcelo Pecci, procureur du Paraguay, specisialisé dans la lutte contre le trafic de drogue, a été assassiné, mardi 10 mai, en Colombie par des tueurs u débarqe- raj.

Five Colombian inquiries on this issue of the island of Baru “will be appointed to this commission” to explore the explosions of the Paraguay and United States states, announcing the presidency of the Colombian police Jorge Luis Vargas. Il n’a pas précisé la date ou les circonstances exactes de l’assassinat, comis alors que le procureur passait sa lune de miel sur cette île turistique.

Marcela Peci, 45, avait épousé le 30 Avril dans la ville de Carthagène with Colombian journalist, Claudia Aguilera, posted photos of Maria’s son on Twitter. “Oui il est mort,” confirmed the son, in an interview with Colombian radio.

Deus suspects

It is located on a private beach near the local palace, the Hotel Decameron, in the milieu of tourists and in front of the many blue transparent beaches of the Caribbean.

“Two men are here.” [depuis la mer] on an embarrassment, they are approving and opening the fire, in front of the fire, “he said. “threat”, at-elle simplement ajouté.

The hotel complex is located next to a couple of communicated details, specifying that the “assassins are arriving in a jet ski on the beach in front of the hotel”. On the last photo of the post before the drama on the Instagram account of the young woman, the couple is on the beach, with the premier plan of a house for babies, lazy enanter que les nouveaux mariés staffaient un enf.

The ambassador of Paraguay in Colombia, Safia Lopez, “transferred” the bodies of the Pecci prosecutor’s office to his son “do not be afraid of the immediate”, in the reason for the inadequacy of the survey. The prosecutor was in a “private” voyage and did not have a meeting of the government, but he was a diplomat, and he was a diplomat, speaking on a Colombian media.

In fine after mid-mardi, the Colombian police have diffused the photo of one of the most beautiful women, in Bermuda black and covered with a Panama beige hat. The director of the Colombian police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, declared his press conference that the American anti-drug agency DEA, the Colombian authorities and the Paraguayans were eligible for a concert plus a concert in “Above Gold”.

The police announced a compensation of 488,000 dollars (approximately 462,000 euros) for all information below to capture the costs.

“The light assassination of the prosecutor Marcelo Pecci”

On Twitter, Paraguayan President Mario Abda Benitez condemned the “murderer of prosecutor Marcel Pec in Colombia” as “endeuille toute la nation paraguayenne”. “Our condolences are a tragic act in the last term and fortifications not only in the day of the crime against organized crime,” the president assured.

«La façon dont ils [les assassins] on agi, la façon dont ils ont executé, est typique de la mafia. Je ne vois pas d’autre explication […]”, says the president of the Paraguayan Association of Public Prosecutors Augusto Salas.

Expressed on a Colombian radio station, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Paraguay, Sandra Quiñonez, told Rappelé that his assassination college had “important condoms” in these years of drug-related crime and crime. ” “You want to profit from the moon, in intimacy, and this is what you don’t want to do without security.” “It simply came to our notice then […] I have to announce that I will visit a baby “, – confirmed Sandra Kignones.

A “police commission” in Paraguay is going to Colombia to participate in the Colombian inquiry, the exact Colombian general Jorge Luis Vargas. The President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, is a condominium, through his Twitter account, assassinated and assisted in communication with his homologue of Paraguay to assure “cooperation” [nécessaire] to find the responsible ».

Marcelo Pecci is a special prosecutor in organized crime, drug trafficking, bribery and the financing of terrorism. It is known to be the implication of the survey conducted by the footballer Ronaldinho to open the barracks between Mars and August 2020 to enter Paraguay with fake documents.

Le Paraguay et la Colombie renforcé ces dernières années leur cooperaration contre le crime organized international. A pile of decades of money against cartels and drug traffickers, Colombia remains the main producer and exporter of cocaine in the world.

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