C’est sur l’exploitation de la famille Mazenod, Les Vergers de Bayol à Saint-Paul-en-Jarez que Georges Ziegler, President of the Department, et Chantal Brosse, Vice-President for Agriculture, honorable announcer agricultural accounts, aides promises, after the April 2021 episode.

Mickaël Mazenod rappelait cet «episode de gel exceptionalnel par son intensité et sa durée. On notary exploitation of vergers, 100% of coings, 95% of poires, 70% of cherries and 50% of pommes on gelé ».

The only aid is 800 euros per hectare

The Department of the Loire also welcomes the main budget and the decision to unblock an exceptional amount of € 600,000 to complement the available proposals for the State and the Auvergne-Alpesône Region. “We do not want the farmers to deposit a new file, this is why we have been able to help our regional staff.” The study of dossiers, the validation of a short time, the most volatile, the agent to return on the account of farmers ».

The department has a fixed floor of € 800 per hectare, a ceiling of € 7,000. “We have brought in a collection of 22 arboriculture, fruit and vegetable products for a total of € 100,000; 21 gardener, fruit products for new and red fruits for a montant of 105 000 €. We have already received a house for € 100,000, 39 applicants ».

The viticulturists of the devront visit to receive their subsidies, «docs doron seront présentés à l’occasion d’une prochaine Commission. La vente du vin se fait avec un décalage dans le temps, on avait un peu plus de marge », zaključenja М.me Brose.

«On doit manger français et local»

In this day’s journalism, if the gel was in the memoirs, it would be safe, or it would be the subject of journalism. Raymond Vial, President of the Chamber of Agriculture, welcomed the workers “this exploitation, the pilot in the base of the consumption of water per hectare.” The Mazenod family has a place with a good gutter system.

M. Vial poursuivait: «We have no availability of water in the department. Le Covid to mark the spirits. On doit manger francaisis et local, mais pour l’agriculture il faut de l’eau. Et pour maintenir des cerises ici, dans le Jarez, on doit pouvoir récupérer l’eau du Rhône. La Loire has a circulation right on the Rhône ».

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