It’s officially official. Candidates who represent the forces of the lor des locha des prochaines elekislatives elent sont connus. It defines a program common to the travers of the New Ecological and Social Union (Nupes).

In the first circus, this is edited by Anthony Brondel, who is due to be removed from office, Danielle Brulebois (LREM). She was suppressed by Rachel Outhier, a Viticole worker. The two candidates for Jesus of La France Insoumise (LFI).

For Marie-Christine Dalloz (LR), Member of the Second Circus, this is Evelina Ternant, a retired professor and regional secretary of the Communist Party (PC) who is present in favor of the electorate. He is also a supporter of Nail Yalcin, an old CGT unionist at the MBF de Saint-Claude company.

C’est Hervé Prat, d’Europe Ecologie – Les Verts (EELV), elu d’opposition à Dole, qui portera les couleurs de cette nouvelle union populaire sur la troisième zirconscription. Cathy Bugada, adjointe à la mairie d’Arbois sera sa remplaçante. The tent of taking the seat of Jean-Marie Sermier (LR) to the National Assembly.

For these selections, the objective of Nupes is clear: to extend the majority of the chemical for the sake of a cohabitant of Emmanuel Macron and to make Jean-Luc Mélenchon the name of the Prime Minister.