Prestige de la voiture que l’on conduit joue-t-il sur notre propension à laisser passer les pyétons ou non? Watch a study from 2020 for our Business Week conferences, Oui!

In the second year, a study of car drivers’ face and pythons is a couple in the Journal of Transport and Health.

This last day is just a surface and it can be a part of the insolite. And for a reason, see your results, The luxury car owners are less likely to pass the pylons in front of a closed passage.

To direct, the price of the car is the criterion of the most important report in this study before the sex and the sex of the conductors. Plus the Great Price, less than the Conductor and pass the gens.

Enfin, on 461 car studies, sales 27.98% of the ent they are arrested before passing through the python.

Malpolis is more gallant

There are also luxury and other great cars that are less expensive than the “classic” cars, which are remarkably remarkable for motorists plus the choice of women.

Ainsi, with 31.33% of the time, will pay for the pythons against only 24.06% for pythons.

Autant vous dire que, si vous êtes un homme et que vous voyez une Lamborghini arrived, the fauce will be bad in patience …

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