The Office of Education (DoE) has ordered all schools across the national capital to plant at least 1.5 lakh seedlings through its Eco Club members during the 2022-23 training session, officials said.

He also instructed all school principals and staff to take part in the action, as well as to regularly monitor and maintain the plants with the help of students. “For the 2022-23 school year, the goal is to plant 1.50 lakh seedlings, including 40,000 trees and 1.1 lakh bushes, which will be planted in all schools in Delhi through members of the Eco Club,” the Ministry of Education said in a letter to schools. .

“The 50% target will be reached by August 15 by all schools for planting plantations in all open areas and accessible areas. Seedlings can be obtained free of charge by each head of schools for the plantation from any of the designated nurseries run by the forestry, ”it added.

The Ministry of Health has set a task for each school to plant at least 100 seedlings – 30 plants and 70 bushes – in the current session. By the 5th of each month, school principals are required to send updates to the relevant research centers through the zonal secretary along with photos of the seedlings.

In addition, the head of the relevant research center must send a collected report on the areas under his control to the science department by the 10th of each month.

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