The final de the season of Moon Knight this diffuse mercredi, et si cet episode a révélé quelques éléments très interesting genius aux fans, il a aussi soulevé des importantes sur ce qui va se passer, à l’avenir, pour Mark Spector and Stephen Grant. And we have a lot of new information on the subject of your communication.

NOTE: this is an article comporte des spoils concerning the 6th series Moon Knight. Do not continue your lecture and you will not be able to learn.

a final qui nous laisse en suspense

Previously, lors d’un entretien accordé à Deadline, Grant Curtis (the producer of the series) said that the series of the series is currently in suspense. C last declaration:

Nous ne savons pas s’il y aura une prochaine saison. Marvel does not suit a conventional convoy (…) We have recently discussed season 2, more than a day, il y aura une extensionbut I don’t know how to assemble it.

The producer of the series affirms the fact that Marc and Steven repaired something, one of them or another, in the MCU. And the comment the director of the seriesto discover the dessous, see you again plutôt rassurant for fans.

on the basis of the prices of the salesman

“If you ask me, I told you that Moon Knight is for the rest”explanation Mohammed Diab, the director of the series, lorsqu’on lui a demandé ce qu’il adviendrait du héros dans le MCU. Il développe son opinion:

This is an interesting person. If you are at Marvel Studios, you think that commercial determination is more intelligent than security. The problem alone is that Marvel is not traditional. If you fail, it does not mean that you have a season 2. En fait, on me laisse dans l’ignorance. I don’t have any idea. I think you are just a man of business at the moment. But I think I want to rest. Peut-etre que ce sera un film. Peut-étre que ce sera un voyage comme ce qui s’est passé avec WandaVision. J’aimerais qu’un jour, s’il ya une expansion, j’en fasse partie. We have reached the end of a manner to assemble a debut. You will see Marc and Steven in a new dynamic, all two in a single body. At Jake’s entrance. Vous voyez le Scarabée Ecarlate, qui pourrait être un super-héros, ou pas. It’s very interesting.

Lors du lancement de la serie, le realizateur avait déjà déclaré for the account of SFX Magazine :

I can tell you with the height that you want to return for the last 10 years, not only in the movie. This is a very interesting person. This is a problem of the person who is more interesting to play for the actor who acts. Oscar fight and great job. The gens of the adverb of the gang advertisement. I think the series resonates with the gens, Donc je le vois rester longtemps.

We are waiting for everyone to have the opportunity to learn more and more profoundly the personality of Jake, after the revolution of the last episode. And by the way, you want to be sure and have some knowledge of all the little details of the post-generic scene OJ Jake is present to you, you can consult our previous article on the subject.

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