Zapping Autonews Bentley Bentayga EWB (2022): new SUV declaration and video

Lorsqu’un excès de vitesse est enregistré et que le proprietaire du véhicule en question n’est pas au volant, il est possible de faire changer l’identité du coupable.

At the same time, some motorists are not allowed to serve this procedure to avoid the contradictions of grace in the “false identity”.

Very well, there are foreign identities (English, Belgian, Turkish, Spanish, etc.) that are useful for these frauds. But with the accumulation, the justice of the donkeys plus the easy way.

And for good reason, certain identities are on the plus side of a centaine of infractions to their name. It is not possible to understand that these servants will be able to cover the bad faith.

Ainsi, ce jeudi 12 mai, le Tribunal de Narbonne a condamné dix avtomobilisttes pour ce genre de faits. Commandant Michel Moore as a pendant for the audience:

What these people do not know is that they are condominiums, they can be very helpful for the lack of information about the lack of experience or experience on the conduct of an infrared vehicle. This constitutes a convention of the 5th class, passive of one amendment of 1,500 euros. These are the ones that contain the identities that can be corrected.

More and more surveyed

If this technology is more or less important, it will be very discreet, it is more than enough to be surveyed by the authorities with the recruitment of affair in the genre. In short, the baths are definitely full.

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