Joint Staff Charter

“The collaborator can be defined as a whole who exerts a regular professional activity in the company, without having to accept the remuneration, or to have the quality of association. The statute of the co-operative member is applicable also to persons who have received or concluded a contract.

Depuis le 1e Janvier 2022, is a statute in evolution. Desormais is limited to 5 years. Au-delà, le conjoint peut choisir entre les statuts de salarié ou d’associé. It suffers from a modification declaration of unique electronic quality with an attestation of the Confirming Confidential son. At the end of the day, the conjunct is alors repute avoir opté pour le statut de salarié.

In the case of a young insurance company, the co-worker is affiliated to the General Secretariat of Social Security, but he does not pay much attention to insurance.

The statute of the solarium conjoint can be applied to the …

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