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An airplane from the Yemenia company in the southern part of Sanaa, the first commercial in six years in the Yemeni capital department controlled by the Houthis rebels, in the frame of a single trade in the war that ravage ce pays.

Une première en six years. An airplane from the Yemenia company on the 16th of May from Sanaa, the capital of Yemen controlled by the Houthis rebels. Depuis le 2 Avril, les party en conflit observent une trêve nationale dans la guerre, qui a livré le pays à l’une des pires tragedídies humanitaires au monde.

The plane, which was directed by the capital of Jordan Amman, transported a cent of the young passengers, for the flight of young and young people, according to the correspondents of AFP at the airport in Sana’a.

Les Beptures Houthis is under the control of the United Nations in 2014, indicating a conflict of conflict with the government in response to the International Community and applying for a coalition led by Arabia in Saudi Arabia. apply loyal forces.

This coalition controls all the space of the air and maritime of Yemen, and comprises the zones of the rebels on the ground, in particular in the North-West: since 2016

Les Houthis, proches de l’Iran, accused of riad de maintenir un “blocus” sur le Yémen, les Saoudiens disant vouloir se prémunir contre la contrebande d’armes et autres activités clandestines.

Since April 2, the conflict party has observed a nationwide quest that raises a rare amount of money to a population of about 30 million people, living in a world of humanitarian tragedies in the world. This is a very good way to get a fair share of respect, the overture to the best of Sanaa Airport’s business.

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